Thursday, May 28, 2009

3rd Follie Check....

So it was Yesterday.... And...... On one side I had a little growth I think the Largest was around 9. But she said it didn't look like I had hardly any growth at all on the other side.. My lining is growing which is good:) She looked at my blood work and the Numbers are rising which is also good..."Been told this(blood work) is very important when doing IVF with PCOS".... I guess because PCOS is basically a hormonal issue?? Who knows.. ha

Anyway I Have Lots more Expensive MEDs Coming today from "CAREMARK".... 25 vials of "Bravelle". THANK GOD!!! I don't want to run out again and have to worry about getting some more in time..sigh My Instructions are to take 3 vials every morning and My next Follie Check is on Saturday... Hopefully I'll get that major boost in growth in the mean time!!! They once again told me this is normal for PCOS and that the DR could keep me on this drug for up to 20 days are more I think??? SO weird!!! I DON'T CARE... Just want A few GOOD EGGS for Retrieval and 2 GREAT Embryos for Transfer... I have NOW had to accept that My husband will Most likely NOT be there for either:( BUT.. My wonderful MAMA will be... My family is great and I have a support system in them that most people don't have:) I am very blessed in this...

I'm hoping and praying that I don't have to deal with that irritating Pharmacy again during this process... IT stresses me out SO BAD!!! Yesterday My hubby had to ask if I was OK because My body felt like it was about to set on fire it got so HOT just from me being that stress over that stuff... My whole family seems to feel like everything will work out and that is very encouraging:)

I did feel a little disappointed and discouraged on my last follie check just like they warned me I would... You know from coming in so many times and not seeing much growth... And the feeling of "what would have been"... this week was my "Projected Retrieval"... I know this was never set in stone but I'm sure that you can understand... I feel that it is normal to feel this way...

SO today I Can grantee you that I will be waiting Anxiously for My MEDS to ARRIVE and most likely won't relax until their all safe in my FRIG. LOL

Well I guess I'm gonna get off of here for today... And hopefully I'll have some Good NEWS next time I POST:)

Still praying for you all!!!



  1. Hopefully Saturday you will have great news to share with us, praying for you:)

  2. ((Super Hugs))
    I am praying for you!!


  3. Dont be disheartened. They will grow. Remember the tortoise and the hare! Slow but sure wins the race! Hope the next check brings good news.
    Thinking of you and hoping your follies will grow!
    Nic x

  4. sounds like things are progressing well. it stinks that its going slower than expected, but as long as you get strong embryos out of it, that is all that matters!!

  5. I know that everything is gonna be wonderful n in God's perfect plan! here very soon!!!! and with in the next 9 to 10 months i will be the proud aunt esther!! lol i LOVE you so much sis!!! and i'm always praying
    for you!!
    love you,
    your little sis
    ... oh yea n ocsar keeps trying to get on here n type too, so i guess he's try to give you a shout out too lol