Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Baseline..

Let me start off by telling you all about my day "yesterday"... TO sum it all up as short as I can....

I was sick.. My throat hurt in the left back corner and I had an ear ache on that same side too!!! Didn't feel good at all.. BUT.. this wasn't the worst part of my day. (Don't all laugh at once when you read this) Well last night AF showed up.. and I freaked out tears... anger... frustration... pain...! All for That for... NOTHING.. after I calmed down and talked to my mom she said- I should be starting since I stopped the BCP's on Monday. So I felt a little better.. and of course found out today that I was suppose to start my period.. But I'm pretty sure no one mentioned this to me before... I'm new to all this IVF stuff and of course if I didn't know any better I'm gonna be upset to see blood right?LOL


Ok.. on to better things. I went in for my 2nd Baseline and it went good. My ovaries looked good.
But my lining was a little bit thicker than what they'd like so... instead of starting my injections tonight, I'll be starting them tomorrow morning because my Dr. said it would give me time to bleed a little more and hopefully my lining will decrease:) My lining is at a 6 and they want it to be at 5.. sigh

OH well! I'm pretty excited about it all.. I think my lining will be fine.. My next appt. is Wednesday at 1:00pm. to check my follies I guess.. I'm to take 1 vial of "Bravelle" every morning from tomorrow morning to my appt. on Wednesday. LET the stimming begin!!!lol
Hope you have a great day I'm praying for you all!!!



  1. Hannah,
    I am praying for you. I have not done IVF and do not know much about it so it would have freaked me out as well not knowing what to expect. :)

  2. Good luck starting your stims!

  3. I sure hope that you are feeling better. Good luck! I hope next Wednesday's apt is filled with good news.

  4. YEAH - exciting!!!
    What is Bravelle? Is that a shot like gonal etc? Ive never heard of it? Look forward to hearing your update!!!

  5. Good luck with everything. Im praying for you that everything works out for you:)

  6. So far so good. I am praying that things works out for you...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to offer support. I will be praying for you and a successful IVF cycle.

  7. Good luck stimming! I am praying for a smooth and successful cycle. Thanks for your encouragement!

  8. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Good luck on stims and egg retrieval!

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Sorry I haven't commented on yours sooner!

    I was totally sick this week too! I thought I was the only person in the world who gets sick in the middle of spring, but I am glad to see that you've joined me! :) I hope you are feeling better!

    I am praying that everything goes well for you in the coming days!

  10. I wouldn't know what to expect either, and my doctor's office does that to me all the time! I can't stand the fact that they don't give you all the information at once... I mean honestly!

  11. With every little stick (with the needle that is) and every appointment, every pill you are getting closer and closer to your dream. I pray all goes well at your appointment.

    Best Wishes