Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on me : )

SORRY I haven't posted in a while. Last week me & dh went to stay with my lil sister the night before dh's blood work at the Clinic. My sister wanted us to stay longer so we ended up staying the rest of the week.. Then she says... why don't we go eat at the "Lambert's Cafe" on Friday... WE AGREED...

A few minutes later she says.. "Lambert's Cafe" is really close to the Beach, and we've been having really good weather so why don't we go after we eat. WE AGREED AGAIN..

We then called our Mom to see if she wanted to go with us... She immediately AGREED and shortly after that was "Calling us back" to see if we wanted to stay the night at the beach. Then later we decided we would stay the whole weekend:) SO my mom told my Sister and I to find a Nice & Clean place to stay, and she would pay for it!! Got to Love our mama!!! We got on the Internet and found A Beautiful Water Front Condo on the Beach. Everything was Modern and Up to date looking.. it even had Granite counter tops and recessed lighting through out...

We enjoyed our selves at "Lambert's Cafe". If you've never heard of it.. They throw your rolls there and you catch My maiden name is "Lambert".. so we all got T Shirts.. and had my Daddy on our minds:)
I wish he could of been there....

We also invited my Moms sister (my aunt) & her family. They got there later that night. It was a very BIG condo so we could fit every one comfortably:) My aunt has 2 little boys right born right in between my little brother, so I was glad he had them there to play with:)

We all had a great time and really enjoyed our selves.. And I don't mind being around any of "theses family members" that were there. Actually ALL of them know about our Infertility & treatment and are our Biggest supporters in our everyday life:) (no one else knows though except about 2 other friends)

The "little bit of blood" I was seeing stopped a day after I posted last time!!! Now I'm sill waiting on AF.. She is due now according to my last few periods, but that doesn't mean anything concerning my periods.. It could be another week in a few days at most before I start. It doesn't really matter though, my Nurse said as long as I start by the end of April:)

Dh is gone to work again... He will be home again in 2 weeks. I'll miss him... But I try to look at it like... when he comes home we'll be 2 weeks closer to our IVF Cycle:) SO that helps alot!!!
Well I'm going to shut up for Hope you all have a Blessed Day!!!



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time honey. Good for you. Sorry DH is gone. Do a lot of things for YOU while he is away!


  2. Isn't it amazing when things go well:)

  3. Sounds like you had a great tine with your family! Hope the two weeks without your DH goes quickly.

  4. Glad you had such a nice break! I will be thinking about you and your upcoming cycle.....I start Lupron next weekend!!! Take Care Lauren