Monday, April 20, 2009

She's HERE!!!!

I was cooking my little brother some home made spaghetti that he has been asking for. And trying to get it done before my mom picked him up from school. Anyway, I felt a little cramp, but just thought to myself it is nothing because I hadn't ate all day.... a few minutes later I still am feeling weird so I decided to "check".lol And to my GREAT SURPRISE... AF has arrived :)

I'm at my moms apartment, and when I found out this "great news" I was screaming about how happy I was... thanking God... and jumping up and Yes I'm a crazy lady haha
Maybe none of the neighbors

After I calmed down... I immediately called my nurse and left her a message that I was on CD 1.
So hopefully she'll call me back this afternoon if not, that's OK too. I can get a hold of her tomorrow:)

My day turned out really good after all. And I've never been so happy in my entire life to she AF!!! Horrible craps and all... who Hope everyones day turns out as good as mine did!!!



  1. Thank goodness she has finally arrived!!

  2. Right on honey!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!