Friday, April 17, 2009

Progesterone shot

Hello all,
Sorry I haven't posted or commented in a while. Please forgive me I've been really busy lately.
I still haven't started my period. So I called my nurse on Wednesday(CD 37 on that day) to ask if that was a problem, and could they give me something to make me start. She gave me a few options but I wound up deciding to go to the Clinic the next morning and get a Progesterone shot to make me start. She said it usually takes about 3 days for it to work so that's good. The Shot was very thick but didn't hurt at first.. a few minutes after leaving the clinic... It began to swell and hurt:( In fact it still yesterday when I got home I felt so sleepy and slept for hours when I finally woke up it was 10 o'clock at night. That shot made me feel extremely achy tired like, and I don't know why. I fell better this morning though:)

I'm also really glad I called my nurse when I did because she told me that she was leaving for vacation the next day and would be gone all of next week. She told me to call "Daniell" when I start, and that she wrote down notes for her about what I suppose to do. Actually I'm probably gonna call her today.. just to ask..If I start my period this weekend when the clinic isn't open, will it be OK to wait and call on Monday with my period??
I worry all that time about "whatever could go wrong". And I'm the type of person unfortunately that has worried myself sick in the past. NOT GOOD, my mom actually told me yesterday that I need to stop worrying so much or I would get a stomach But seriously even though you may see me trying my best to stay positive, I still have major issues with worrying.. Pray for me about this please..

Anyway.. I got to go for now. I've got somewhere else to go AGAIN:( I hope to be able to wined down tonight and catch up on every ones blogs:) Hope you all have a Blessed day!!!



  1. Hannah - glad to see you are feeling better! A little pointer for progesterone shots... if they are the progesterone with oil then the best thing is to apply a warm cloth to the injection spot and rub that injection spot in a circular motion. This will allow the progesterone and oil to move through that area and not just stay in one area. If it does stay in that area then you will have a lump and it will indeed be sore and tender. Definitely something to remember when you have to have those shots again when you are going through IVF.


  2. Pleased you are back. Hope AF shows soon. Seems strange that we are wanting her to show her ugly face for once! lol!

  3. Yeah progestrone shots are not fun at all but worth it in the end if the outcome is a baby right? Totally the wayI felt.. Another tip for you with the progestrone in oil don't wear any clothes that you don't want ruined because it stains the clothes I had oil spots on a lot of my clothes.. I was so filled with progrogestone oil that my hips were giant from all the oil... I wish you guys the best of luck.. Thanks for all your comments on my blog... I will try to do better.

  4. I just had a progesterone shot yesterday too, im on my first round of clomid wich made my cycle 37 days long so far, quite mean to have your fertility medication make your cycle longer, anyway the shot didnt hurt at the time but i know feel a big sore lump.