Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today I called "CareMark" this is who I'll be getting my "IF meds" through. And After holding forever and tons of info and confusion on her part. I am waiting for another call from someone from their pharmacy... that is after they call my Dr's office to find out what meds I need. SO weird... they should already know this.. my nurse called this in Tuesday..

The Lady I talked to also thought that I wanted the meds sent to my Dr's office, and Thank God I asked the right question for her to realize that's not what I wanted. And that I needed the meds shipped to me.. URH!!!

My nurse tried to warn me about this... she sounded & acted like they(CareMark) might be aggravating to deal with... SO Far that is the case... Hope that I get a call back from their Pharmacy today and have all this CRAP done with... It Stresses me out!!!!

More so I think because I'm young (21), shy, and really haven't had to deal with stuff like this before... If they don't call me today I'm gonna call back tomorrow to follow up with them. I'll relax when I have all my meds in my

My hubby came home from work last night, and he has a sinus infection so we'll need to get him some antibiotics... Great!! he has a SA on Tuesday.. n because he's sick he'll probably have a higher red blood count!!! Not Good

On a better note I got my Birth Control Pills, and I'll be starting them tomorrow:)
Hope every one's day goes better than mine has so



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Sorry you are having trouble! Makes me remember how lucky I am to be able to just stop by Wal.greens and pick up my meds.


  2. Ugh...Caremark sounds miserable to deal with. Hoping and praying this upcoming cycle brings you the baby of your dreams.


  3. what a crapy experiance with them. They sound like a pain to deal with. Sorry you had to deal with them. :(

  4. I hope that the pharmacy comes around, how frustrating! Don't they realize how much other crap that you have to deal with besides just trying to get your meds. Hope your hubby starts to feel better soon!
    Oh I think my egg retrieval will be around May 13th, just a little bit before yours.

  5. Hey sweetheart! Those pharmacies can be so annoying. When I got my meds a couple of weeks ago they doubled my order and doubled what they billed me. Assholes.

    Sorry DH is sick and has to take antibiotics right now:(

    Stay positive!

  6. How annoying, hope they call back soon.

  7. Those pharmacies are annoying as heck! I deal with Shrafts? (sp) and they are WONDERFUL. But I always freak out when it comes to getting my meds on time. It is a scary situation if they don't come in time.

  8. Ugh! I HATE CareMark! They are such a PITA! Good Luck!

  9. Hi Hannah! I just found your blog and I'm interested to follow you as I also have PCOS. Good luck. Your post today makes me thankful that I can go to walgreens and pick up my RX.
    - Michelle

  10. Link to my TTC blog!!