Monday, April 20, 2009

CD 42

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So I called the other IVF nurse (since mine is on vacation) this morning , to ask her.. if it was normal that I still haven't start my period, since I got a Shot this past Thursday to make me start...

She said... that it could take 7 to 10 days after the shot... so it was still ok.

I said... that's good I was just concerned because My Nurse said..that most people start after 3 days.

She said... ya they do.. but you could just be

I said... lol I know... I say that all the time, that my body is so weird.

She said... to give her a call back on Thursday and we can maybe try another shot or... "maybe change the plan a little"...

Me thinking to myself..
. "Ya I know what that means"...

Then We said our goodbye's....

So that is pretty much it... more waiting for AF to show up.. And really hoping that she does... I'll try my best not to stress to much about it... Even though that is a difficult task for me.. with God's help I can do it!!! Praying for you all..


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  1. I hope she gets here soon! I'm on cd36 with no visit in sight. Ugh.