Monday, April 27, 2009

Update Date on "CareMark"

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been pretty busy. This week end My hubby and I had to go to Florida because he had to be a groomsman in his friends wedding... That went pretty good all in all:)

I've been spending some time with my sister yesterday and today...good Ate some Craw fish today AKA.."Mud Bugs" they was so good even though they are hideous

Update on the "CareMark" situation.... I called them again n got the answers I wanted... they gave me the Actual number to the Pharmacy, and I talked to someone from the pharmacy. She said.. that it was in the process of them contacting my Dr's office, and that they would contact me before May 1st, to discuss my copay, and to schedule a time for delivery of my meds. She also gave me a 1-800 number to call if I didn't here from them by May 1st. So that's good. I think every thing will work out with that.

The Pharmacy- is a speciality pharmacy, its actually a CVS- "caremark". We have really Great Health Insurance "UnitedHeathCare" it covers just about everything except for Infertility...That part sucks:( But our Card that we use for the prescriptions is a caremark card, so I guess that's why we are having to use this in particular pharmacy. for our fertility meds... Maybe its a little cheaper that way. Sigh.... Who knows..........

Tomorrow we have all our classes for IVF so that will be fun:) Except for them taking my blood for the disease tests... I hope I don't black out from them taking all that blood. I get light headed sometimes when they just take 1 I got my IVF plan in the mail with all the injections listed and when I'm suppose to take them... I'm a little lost but I'm sure I'll figure it all out soon;)
Hope you all have a blessed day!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today I called "CareMark" this is who I'll be getting my "IF meds" through. And After holding forever and tons of info and confusion on her part. I am waiting for another call from someone from their pharmacy... that is after they call my Dr's office to find out what meds I need. SO weird... they should already know this.. my nurse called this in Tuesday..

The Lady I talked to also thought that I wanted the meds sent to my Dr's office, and Thank God I asked the right question for her to realize that's not what I wanted. And that I needed the meds shipped to me.. URH!!!

My nurse tried to warn me about this... she sounded & acted like they(CareMark) might be aggravating to deal with... SO Far that is the case... Hope that I get a call back from their Pharmacy today and have all this CRAP done with... It Stresses me out!!!!

More so I think because I'm young (21), shy, and really haven't had to deal with stuff like this before... If they don't call me today I'm gonna call back tomorrow to follow up with them. I'll relax when I have all my meds in my

My hubby came home from work last night, and he has a sinus infection so we'll need to get him some antibiotics... Great!! he has a SA on Tuesday.. n because he's sick he'll probably have a higher red blood count!!! Not Good

On a better note I got my Birth Control Pills, and I'll be starting them tomorrow:)
Hope every one's day goes better than mine has so


Monday, April 20, 2009



Welcome to IComLeavWe! I am new to all of this, it's my first IComLeavWe. So I really don't know what I'm
Here's some info on me & My blog. Welcome to all new comers:)

. I am a Christain

. I am 21 years old & married my Best Friend over 2 years ago.

. We are TTC our first, and have been TTC for over 2yrs now.

. I have PCOS

. We are also dealing with Male Factor IF- Very Low Sperm Count & Very Low Motility

. We are headed for our first IVF with ICSI Cycle-our projected Retrieval date is MAY 26th!!!

. I started blogging to get my feelings out and to find friends who are TTC & going through IF. I also love to give support, and of course it always feels good to get some:)

I am hoping and praying that this cycle is it for us. This Journey has not been a easy one. But if it doesn't work this time, I am praying that God would help me deal with the disappointment. My husband and I desperately want children. It is our hearts most desire. I have never did IVF before and am new to it as well, so any info or advice on this would be greatly appreciated... Thanks


She's HERE!!!!

I was cooking my little brother some home made spaghetti that he has been asking for. And trying to get it done before my mom picked him up from school. Anyway, I felt a little cramp, but just thought to myself it is nothing because I hadn't ate all day.... a few minutes later I still am feeling weird so I decided to "check".lol And to my GREAT SURPRISE... AF has arrived :)

I'm at my moms apartment, and when I found out this "great news" I was screaming about how happy I was... thanking God... and jumping up and Yes I'm a crazy lady haha
Maybe none of the neighbors

After I calmed down... I immediately called my nurse and left her a message that I was on CD 1.
So hopefully she'll call me back this afternoon if not, that's OK too. I can get a hold of her tomorrow:)

My day turned out really good after all. And I've never been so happy in my entire life to she AF!!! Horrible craps and all... who Hope everyones day turns out as good as mine did!!!


CD 42

infertility Pictures, Images and Photos

So I called the other IVF nurse (since mine is on vacation) this morning , to ask her.. if it was normal that I still haven't start my period, since I got a Shot this past Thursday to make me start...

She said... that it could take 7 to 10 days after the shot... so it was still ok.

I said... that's good I was just concerned because My Nurse said..that most people start after 3 days.

She said... ya they do.. but you could just be

I said... lol I know... I say that all the time, that my body is so weird.

She said... to give her a call back on Thursday and we can maybe try another shot or... "maybe change the plan a little"...

Me thinking to myself..
. "Ya I know what that means"...

Then We said our goodbye's....

So that is pretty much it... more waiting for AF to show up.. And really hoping that she does... I'll try my best not to stress to much about it... Even though that is a difficult task for me.. with God's help I can do it!!! Praying for you all..


Sunday, April 19, 2009

CD 41

Praise you in this storm Pictures, Images and Photos

Well AF is a "No Show" and I'm on CD 41. I'm not happy about this:( I think I should have started by now Especially since I got a Progesterone shot on Thursday, and that was 4 days ago... I'm gonna call the clinic tomorrow and see what they say... but it doesn't look good.. if I don't start soon I could have a canceled cycle... sigh Everything could still work out for this month, but I have no way of knowing what will happen. My body is SO WEIRD!!!

I was feeling pretty down about it all this morning, but I realized that God has a plan for me and my husband. He has a plan for us to have children, and his timing is perfect.. And IF we do have to Cancel this Cycle, then I Believe that there's a reason for it, and that it isn't meant to be YET. The Lord knows EXCATLY which "eggs and sperm" that will result in our precious babies one day, when ever that may be... All I know is that He is in control, and that He is with me and everything will work out. And I WILL Praise Him in this storm!!!!

If I get cancelled I will schedule a second attempt for IVF ASAP. I have already did most of my test for IVF, so I won't have to wait long if I do reschedule to June. I'm still praying that everything will work out and I can do IVF this month if its God's will. And if it isn't that he will help me deal with the disappointment. I hope you all are having a great day, God Bless you all:)


Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will gaurd your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Progesterone shot

Hello all,
Sorry I haven't posted or commented in a while. Please forgive me I've been really busy lately.
I still haven't started my period. So I called my nurse on Wednesday(CD 37 on that day) to ask if that was a problem, and could they give me something to make me start. She gave me a few options but I wound up deciding to go to the Clinic the next morning and get a Progesterone shot to make me start. She said it usually takes about 3 days for it to work so that's good. The Shot was very thick but didn't hurt at first.. a few minutes after leaving the clinic... It began to swell and hurt:( In fact it still yesterday when I got home I felt so sleepy and slept for hours when I finally woke up it was 10 o'clock at night. That shot made me feel extremely achy tired like, and I don't know why. I fell better this morning though:)

I'm also really glad I called my nurse when I did because she told me that she was leaving for vacation the next day and would be gone all of next week. She told me to call "Daniell" when I start, and that she wrote down notes for her about what I suppose to do. Actually I'm probably gonna call her today.. just to ask..If I start my period this weekend when the clinic isn't open, will it be OK to wait and call on Monday with my period??
I worry all that time about "whatever could go wrong". And I'm the type of person unfortunately that has worried myself sick in the past. NOT GOOD, my mom actually told me yesterday that I need to stop worrying so much or I would get a stomach But seriously even though you may see me trying my best to stay positive, I still have major issues with worrying.. Pray for me about this please..

Anyway.. I got to go for now. I've got somewhere else to go AGAIN:( I hope to be able to wined down tonight and catch up on every ones blogs:) Hope you all have a Blessed day!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pray for baby Bentley... & Give Away

Please pray for Bentley. She has TOF read...

Please go over to Crystal's blog and give her all of your support & prayers. "Bentley's Story" is heart wrenching.. Read Here....

She is having a give away... these very cute burp cloths..below
I am entering and you should too, anyone can:)
Also head over and check out BENTLEY'S BRACELETS :)
Again I just ask you to keep baby Bentley in your prayers...
Thanks so Much!!!

Update on me : )

SORRY I haven't posted in a while. Last week me & dh went to stay with my lil sister the night before dh's blood work at the Clinic. My sister wanted us to stay longer so we ended up staying the rest of the week.. Then she says... why don't we go eat at the "Lambert's Cafe" on Friday... WE AGREED...

A few minutes later she says.. "Lambert's Cafe" is really close to the Beach, and we've been having really good weather so why don't we go after we eat. WE AGREED AGAIN..

We then called our Mom to see if she wanted to go with us... She immediately AGREED and shortly after that was "Calling us back" to see if we wanted to stay the night at the beach. Then later we decided we would stay the whole weekend:) SO my mom told my Sister and I to find a Nice & Clean place to stay, and she would pay for it!! Got to Love our mama!!! We got on the Internet and found A Beautiful Water Front Condo on the Beach. Everything was Modern and Up to date looking.. it even had Granite counter tops and recessed lighting through out...

We enjoyed our selves at "Lambert's Cafe". If you've never heard of it.. They throw your rolls there and you catch My maiden name is "Lambert".. so we all got T Shirts.. and had my Daddy on our minds:)
I wish he could of been there....

We also invited my Moms sister (my aunt) & her family. They got there later that night. It was a very BIG condo so we could fit every one comfortably:) My aunt has 2 little boys right born right in between my little brother, so I was glad he had them there to play with:)

We all had a great time and really enjoyed our selves.. And I don't mind being around any of "theses family members" that were there. Actually ALL of them know about our Infertility & treatment and are our Biggest supporters in our everyday life:) (no one else knows though except about 2 other friends)

The "little bit of blood" I was seeing stopped a day after I posted last time!!! Now I'm sill waiting on AF.. She is due now according to my last few periods, but that doesn't mean anything concerning my periods.. It could be another week in a few days at most before I start. It doesn't really matter though, my Nurse said as long as I start by the end of April:)

Dh is gone to work again... He will be home again in 2 weeks. I'll miss him... But I try to look at it like... when he comes home we'll be 2 weeks closer to our IVF Cycle:) SO that helps alot!!!
Well I'm going to shut up for Hope you all have a Blessed Day!!!