Monday, March 30, 2009

Why doesn't my body coroperate?!

Last night after I posted about the "little bit of blood" I had seen the day before, but thought it probably stopped.. Well.. IT DIDN'T!!! Almost right after I got through posting an used the rest room I seen it again...ugh!!! Same thing today too!! Its not allot at all.. I just don't know what will go on with the "bleeding issue" this month. Anyway... I called my nurse this morning to let her know about it, and to find out if it would be a problem.

So I got a call back this afternoon. She asked- if it was just a little blood? And If it has stopped?
My answer- yes just a little blood... I don't know if it has stopped yet or if it even will...

She said to give it a few days to a week, and let her know if it hasn't stopped. And that she really doesn't want to start me on drugs right now if she doesn't have to.. All n all it sounded like everything would be OK though:) SO that did make me feel allot better... I was so stressed out about it last night and this morning, that I felt sick.. I can't stand feeling that way!! I am trying my best to stay positive, remember that God is in control , and keep believing that everything is going to be alright.

Please remember me in your prayers..

Thanks, Hannah


  1. I hope the bleeding stops...SOON. I know the least bit of blood can make you nervous and you immediately think there must be something wrong. Just stay positive our bodies are different and react differently. I wish you the best in your ttc journey. Try not to worry I know its hard but worrying will only make you stress out. So think positives thoughts and keep us posted.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about wanting your body to cooperate as I am sure you have read in my prior posts. I am very lucky that right now things are going good.Don't worry you will get there.It felt like it was never gonna happen for me but now we have a set transfer date.I am still in shock. I got more good news today that I will post about tonight or tomorrow.Hang in there hun it WILL it happen. Thank you for you constant support amnd kind comments on my blog.((HUGS))

  3. I really hope that it is nothing to worry about and it ends soon.

  4. I left you something on my page-

  5. just catching up on the blogs i follow. i hope that the bleeding has stopped and everything is in order for the ivf. it will be here very soon! exciting!!! you will continue to be in my prayers! :)