Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My little get away...

This past weekend me and dh decided to go to Atlanta, GA because our Anniversary was coming up. The reason for going there was... "Six Flags over Georgia" was opening that weekend. And I absolutely love roller Anyway I had been watching the weather predictions for a couple of weeks for Atlanta. It was pretty good at FIRST...but every day it got closer to the day we were leaving, it got worse. Well...we decided we would go anyway, even though we knew Six Flags would be closed due to the weather. We decided that when we got there, we would see what was OPEN. And Make A PLAN.

So we left Saturday morning & drove up there. When we got to the Hotel we grabbed some Brochures and got on the Internet. We then decided to go see the Atlanta Aquarium, and purchase extra tickets for a Titanic Museum... (they had some actual artifacts from the boat) and tickets for a little 3 D show they have there. and then after that would go to a 2 story mall they have in GA.

The next morning we got up ate breakfast, and headed to the Aquarium. It was Freezing outside!!! Anyway the weather had predicted...maybe some snow flurry's before we left. While in the Aquarium gift shop we looked out the glass doors and Behold.. "IT WAS SNOWING" and coming down like WE enjoyed ourselves at the Aquarium & Museums. when we left to head to the mall.. the snow was everywhere it was even sticking to the roads. Dh and me took a wrong turn because the road signs was covered from snow!! For some people.. this kinda weather is no big deal. WE live in SOUTH MISSISSIPPI!! And it rarely snows and when it does, not very much. That was only my 3rd time to see it snowing in my whole Its not uncommon to see someone weiring shorts some warm days in November & December where I'm from. We went to the mall, and shopped, then went to TOYS R US to find my lil bro a birthday present.(did I ever mention I got married on his birthday lol) We had a good time, even though it wasn't what we had planned initially... but we enjoyed and entertained ourselves anyway:)

here's da

Oh and I plan on going back to Atlanta probably next time DH comes home from work if the weather is Our tickets are good till November 2009. He's not looking forward to the drive again. the reason I wanted to do it now was... I'm about to do IVF soon, and "if it works". I won't be able to ride any roller coasters for a There's NO guarantee it'll work. But I'm trying to stay Positive as I can. Even though I still have my weak moments. I had an Emotional moment while we were in the mall, and then got very irritable, it didn't last long though.. we were soon back to enjoying I also felt better after I got over My little ""ordeal of feelings" and apologized to dh:) Everyone has their little moments I guess. Anyway we we're Officially Married for 2 yrs. on March 3rd...YAY!!!


  1. Congrats to you on your Anniversary. Great picture of you and your DH. Can't wait for you to get started with IVF. I am so excited for you!!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! I have been to six flags and also Atlanta aquarium twice. Its brill. My parents live in Georgia, an hour north of Atlanta and I live in the UK. I have visited them a few times. I cant believe it snowed!

  3. You guys are so cute! Congratulations on your anniversary. And the snow...well, I live way up north so that's my day to day life. Sadly. My sister lives in Atlanta and everytime we visit her I think 'I could totally live here!'

  4. I am so glad you guys got to get away! How wonderful! We need that so bad but it is a little too late now! LOL

    I live in Michigan so snow is not uncommon here! I'm glad you got to see it though!


  5. Happy belated anniversary! Wishing you many, many, many more!