Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CD 1

AF showed this afternoon, and right on time too. I'm amazed..lol It was getting close to time for my Clinic's office to close for the day so, I decided that I would wait until tomorrow to call and make my appointment. So I plan on calling and scheduling my "Hysteroscopy" tomorrow YAY!!!
I can't wait to get one more thing over with. I'm also very curious to find out "if" I do uterine polyps, AND "if I do" and they remove them, how much will it help with my horribly painful periods?? These are just questions I wonder about.lol

Dh just left out for work:( It's already been 2 weeks since he's been home. Time flys... Oh Me and dh now have only 7 more of those lovely blue Doxcycl pills each left to take..lol I'm pretty happy about that:) We'll be done with that in a week. I made sure dh got his pills packed before he left for work.

Here's the bad thing.... I'm almost done with those pills that are supposed to clear up infection, BUT I have a bad sinus infection. And I seriously doubt its gonna go away with out some other antibiotics. The reason is I used to take Minocyl (I don't think that's spelled right) all the time for my skin. It is basically the same thing as "Doxcycl" which can also be taken to clear up your skin. The point is I know that it won't clear up my sinus infection. I'll need something different like penicillin to clear it up. I know this because I have had sinus problems since I was a little girl, and I know what works for me, and what doesn't. I guess I'll ask my nurse if my DR. can call in some more antibiotics for me.... sorry for going on and on about that..lol What do you think?? All this pollen in the air around here is not helping me either. I've been sneezing like crazy, and been having yellow & green sinus drainage. SORRY I know that's really gross..

I need to go to sleep, I'm up way to late again... I'll update on all of this later..

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  1. Good luck with your hysteroscopy. I had one of them done, it was a breeze :)
    I am sorry you are sick and hope you feel better quickly!