Monday, March 30, 2009

Why doesn't my body coroperate?!

Last night after I posted about the "little bit of blood" I had seen the day before, but thought it probably stopped.. Well.. IT DIDN'T!!! Almost right after I got through posting an used the rest room I seen it again...ugh!!! Same thing today too!! Its not allot at all.. I just don't know what will go on with the "bleeding issue" this month. Anyway... I called my nurse this morning to let her know about it, and to find out if it would be a problem.

So I got a call back this afternoon. She asked- if it was just a little blood? And If it has stopped?
My answer- yes just a little blood... I don't know if it has stopped yet or if it even will...

She said to give it a few days to a week, and let her know if it hasn't stopped. And that she really doesn't want to start me on drugs right now if she doesn't have to.. All n all it sounded like everything would be OK though:) SO that did make me feel allot better... I was so stressed out about it last night and this morning, that I felt sick.. I can't stand feeling that way!! I am trying my best to stay positive, remember that God is in control , and keep believing that everything is going to be alright.

Please remember me in your prayers..

Thanks, Hannah

Sunday, March 29, 2009

IVF Test scheduled..

Now I have everything all scheduled.. Actually I scheduled almost everything in 1 day. It's on April 28th,yay!! We could have did it sooner, but dh's work schedule was a bit of a problem. They only do classes on Tuesday, and the one week that was good for us she wasn't going to be there... Sigh. Oh well.. I'm happy anyway.

Don't won't to gross anyone out, but yesterday after I used the restroom and wiped I saw a little blood.. I thought to myself... " Crap its not time for my period.. BLAST YOU PCOS!!!" You better not mess up my cycle with your irregular Thank God.. I haven't seen anymore blood. Its not uncommon for me bleed for a month straight about once a year.. weird I know.. and when that's going on I don't know when my period actually started. But.. it looks like everything is going to be OK this time:)

Tomorrow dh has to go in for a urine test and blood work. So we decided to go visit my sister and spend the night at her apartment.. Because she only lives a few minutes away from our Clinic:)

So on the April 28th dh & I will be spending the day at the Clinic..
8:30am - Uterine Sounding
9:00am - Blood work
9:30am - Embryo Class
11:30 am - Conference
Break to go get some lunch
2:00 pm- Injection Class

Whoo hoo! Lots of fun stuff!!! lol

Can't wait!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I got my letter in the mail from my Dr's office. Basically it's everything I need to schedule Prior to IVF:) I checked the mail later this afternoon so it was too late to call the office. But that's OK.. it'll give me something to do I'll be glad to get all of the blood work, appt's, classes ...EX Scheduled. And ya'll all know how much I like have something to look forward too:) Oh and it was so exciting to see my projected Retrieval date on the bottom of the paper they sent me!!! MAY 26, 27, or 28!!! It was just a surreal moment for me.. "WOW that's actually me their talking about". And in 2 months my hearts desires might come true!!! I hope and pray that is does.

So far I have felt God with me in this Journey, and I Love and Thank Him for being my everything!!! I could not do this with out him. He understands everything I go through, and knows my heart. I Just have this feeling that one way or another that everything will work out far me and dh. And that we will have the children that he wants us to have in his timing:)

Dh came home today YAY!! He was tired from the long drive home, but we had a pretty good day anyway. First some much over due BD'ing..;) Then later went out to eat.. went to a book store & got a book.. then came home an watched a movie... We have no plans for tomorrow. I guess we'll just make some as we go I love this part of my life when dh comes home from work. We're usually pretty much free to do what ever we want:) I know that will change once we have babies.. But its a welcomed change!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A phone call..

Today I was planning on calling my nurse to find out what to do next.. But before I did she called me..yay!! So here's the deal I'm suppose to call her with my next period I've never been so happy about Af until getting ready for IVF:) She also said that she would be mailing me a package of tests and other things that we will need to schedule. She also said that she would write the name of the Nurse That I need to call to schedule everything on the top of the papers she sends me, so that's good. I'll take anything to put me more at ease.. Because I tend to worry about just about anything. SO... here we go again waiting for AF for the 3rd

My day has been going fairly well... I burnt my thumb while cooking homemade chili for my mom... Yah.. IT HURT REALLY BAD!!!! I can't remember the last time I did that, all I know is that I hate it when that happens to me... It throbs so bad:( I will live though. On a happier note dh is coming home from work this Wednesday.. I miss him and I'm ready to see him and just spend time with him.. doing I guess whatever we want:) Hope you all have a blessed day.. I've been praying for you all!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The symptoms of PCOS include, but are not limited to the following:

.irregular or no menstrual periods
.obesity/weight gain/inability to lose weight
.breathing problems while sleeping
.oily skin
.skin discolorations
.high cholesterol levels
.elevated blood pressure
.excess or abnormal hair growth and distribution
.pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis
.multiple ovarian cysts
.skin tags

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been taking care of my mama, she had her wisdom teeth cut out this week. Anyway I was board and found this pic above of a Polycycstic Ovary(PCOS) & a Normal Ovary. I've gotten to see my Ovaries on ultra sound twice.. The first time a nurse did it and I didn't really know what I was looking at, but the 2nd time my Dr did it and he said.. see how ot looks like theres a beaded necklace around your ovaries... That's your polycystic Ovaries.

So that was interesting to me to see that and have him explain it some to me:) I like to be able to picture things in my He then said that I was a great candidate for IVF again and he thought it would work really well.. And that it would be easy to over stimulate me, so I won't have to use as many drugs. Also because we won't need as many Eggs because dh and I will not allow them to discard any of our "Live Embryos". Please don't judge me... We are both very "Pro Life" and believe that life starts when the sperm meets the egg.. Like I said please don't judge me, this is just our beliefs and convictions.. And I can promise you all that I will not judge you.. I'm not God.. I only have to do what is right for me & answer for myself..

Anyway is so very late at night and I'm super tired. In fact I'm so tired that it actually No sane person should be up this Good night and God Bless you all

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CD 8 & Dr. appt.

This morning I got up and went to my Dr's appt. I was a little nervous, but was trying to stay positive. The NEWS is.... NO POLYPS!!!! YAY!!! My Dr said that it must have been air bubbles because my uterus looked perfect:) He said that my irregular bleeding is just due to my hormones (PCOS). So everything is still right on track.
I took my last pill today, so I'm done with one more thing. Now I'm just waiting to hear from my IVF nurse about when and what we need to do next. I'll just give her a call Monday I guess, if I don't hear from her before then. I just have to know SOMETHING. It makes me feel really good to have a schedule concerning everything I need to do on my journey to IVF. Yes I am a little obsessed with planing all this, I just can't seem to help myself:)
I'm getting closer everyday, and trying my best to stay positive and not lose hope. And praying that this will work. Oh, dh sent me a e-mail last night it was very sweet, my favorite part was..... (I am ready to have a child with you, I really can't wait... I'm ready to be a daddy...) It made me feel really good. I am very blessed to have Dh's complete support, and that I can share all of my feelings concerning IF freely with him. We actually have more of a male fertility problem, but it doesn't bother dh like it seems to bother some other males in "some cases". I'm glad because to me that's a waste of time.. its never a me or you problem with us.. we deal with everything together, we're a team:) I LOVE HIM!!! I love that he can still make my heart skip a beat, even after being with him for over 7 yrs now:)
Anyway, I hope everything is going well for you all.. And I would like to Thank God, for blessing me everyday & for the good results today!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CD 2

I called my Nurse and scheduled my Hysteroscopy today, yay!! It's scheduled for Tuesday next week. Only 6 more days until I'm done with that. And only 6 more Doxycycl pills to take, I just realized I will finish those up the same day as my appt. Good.. I'll knock 2 things out at one

I actually have no idea what they'll want me to do next. I guess they tell me after my appt. on Tuesday. If not you know me... I'll call and I'm feeling pretty good right now. And still feel that God is with me though this Journey. It helps me more than anything else. It gives me some peace where there otherwise shouldn't be:) I hope you all have a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CD 1

AF showed this afternoon, and right on time too. I'm It was getting close to time for my Clinic's office to close for the day so, I decided that I would wait until tomorrow to call and make my appointment. So I plan on calling and scheduling my "Hysteroscopy" tomorrow YAY!!!
I can't wait to get one more thing over with. I'm also very curious to find out "if" I do uterine polyps, AND "if I do" and they remove them, how much will it help with my horribly painful periods?? These are just questions I wonder

Dh just left out for work:( It's already been 2 weeks since he's been home. Time flys... Oh Me and dh now have only 7 more of those lovely blue Doxcycl pills each left to I'm pretty happy about that:) We'll be done with that in a week. I made sure dh got his pills packed before he left for work.

Here's the bad thing.... I'm almost done with those pills that are supposed to clear up infection, BUT I have a bad sinus infection. And I seriously doubt its gonna go away with out some other antibiotics. The reason is I used to take Minocyl (I don't think that's spelled right) all the time for my skin. It is basically the same thing as "Doxcycl" which can also be taken to clear up your skin. The point is I know that it won't clear up my sinus infection. I'll need something different like penicillin to clear it up. I know this because I have had sinus problems since I was a little girl, and I know what works for me, and what doesn't. I guess I'll ask my nurse if my DR. can call in some more antibiotics for me.... sorry for going on and on about What do you think?? All this pollen in the air around here is not helping me either. I've been sneezing like crazy, and been having yellow & green sinus drainage. SORRY I know that's really gross..

I need to go to sleep, I'm up way to late again... I'll update on all of this later..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My little get away...

This past weekend me and dh decided to go to Atlanta, GA because our Anniversary was coming up. The reason for going there was... "Six Flags over Georgia" was opening that weekend. And I absolutely love roller Anyway I had been watching the weather predictions for a couple of weeks for Atlanta. It was pretty good at FIRST...but every day it got closer to the day we were leaving, it got worse. Well...we decided we would go anyway, even though we knew Six Flags would be closed due to the weather. We decided that when we got there, we would see what was OPEN. And Make A PLAN.

So we left Saturday morning & drove up there. When we got to the Hotel we grabbed some Brochures and got on the Internet. We then decided to go see the Atlanta Aquarium, and purchase extra tickets for a Titanic Museum... (they had some actual artifacts from the boat) and tickets for a little 3 D show they have there. and then after that would go to a 2 story mall they have in GA.

The next morning we got up ate breakfast, and headed to the Aquarium. It was Freezing outside!!! Anyway the weather had predicted...maybe some snow flurry's before we left. While in the Aquarium gift shop we looked out the glass doors and Behold.. "IT WAS SNOWING" and coming down like WE enjoyed ourselves at the Aquarium & Museums. when we left to head to the mall.. the snow was everywhere it was even sticking to the roads. Dh and me took a wrong turn because the road signs was covered from snow!! For some people.. this kinda weather is no big deal. WE live in SOUTH MISSISSIPPI!! And it rarely snows and when it does, not very much. That was only my 3rd time to see it snowing in my whole Its not uncommon to see someone weiring shorts some warm days in November & December where I'm from. We went to the mall, and shopped, then went to TOYS R US to find my lil bro a birthday present.(did I ever mention I got married on his birthday lol) We had a good time, even though it wasn't what we had planned initially... but we enjoyed and entertained ourselves anyway:)

here's da

Oh and I plan on going back to Atlanta probably next time DH comes home from work if the weather is Our tickets are good till November 2009. He's not looking forward to the drive again. the reason I wanted to do it now was... I'm about to do IVF soon, and "if it works". I won't be able to ride any roller coasters for a There's NO guarantee it'll work. But I'm trying to stay Positive as I can. Even though I still have my weak moments. I had an Emotional moment while we were in the mall, and then got very irritable, it didn't last long though.. we were soon back to enjoying I also felt better after I got over My little ""ordeal of feelings" and apologized to dh:) Everyone has their little moments I guess. Anyway we we're Officially Married for 2 yrs. on March 3rd...YAY!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Thank you so very much to NIC for nominating me!!!

It made me feel so happy and excited that you thought of me. I felt kinda blah right before I seen you had nominated me, and it made me feel good. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Now I have to choose only 8 wonderful blogs to pass this award on to..."These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award!"
I'm going to nominate people who have been a friend to me, been kind, & given me complete support through my Journey. They have made me feel not so alone & I enjoy reading all of they're blogs. They all are different, but have had one thing in common now or at some point in there lives. INFERTILITY.. I encourage you to check out there blogs. They've been a great help to me.
So here they are:
1. Lisa - She is a christian, and has been completely
supportive. She also has a beautiful little boy who she conceived through IVF.
2. Jennifer - I found her blog a little while ago, and I then
discovered that she used the same clinic and Dr. as me. She has been very informative to all
my questions. And been great to communicate with. She is now expecting, after her 2nd IVF
cycle, her due date is September 12,2009.
3. Amanda - Her blog is why I decided to start start blogging.
I accidentally came across it one night, I was feeling kinda down about IF problems at the
time. It encouraged me so much. Thats when I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog
4. Amanda - She has been very supportive. She has PCOS
like me. And is in the middle of the dreaded 2ww after IUI. I hope you get good news, I'm
praying for you:)
5. Kami - She is in the beginning of her IVF cycle. She is very nice.
She makes me laugh. She seems to be a very REAL person. And I really enjoy following her
6. JackieMac - She is headed for IVF after several failed IUI's. I
really like her and she's had a hard time this year. If you haven't already.. I recommend
following her blog. And give her some support...she deserves it:)
7. Angelwingsbaby - she is in the beginning of her 2nd attempt at IVF.
Unfortunately her first cycle got cancelled. I love this girl's attitude, even though its hard I
can see that she won't give up.
8. Elaine - She just had a beautiful baby boy not very long ago through IVF. And Her story is inspiring.