Monday, February 9, 2009


So far now I have called my IVF nurse because Me and DH have decided to not do the shared risk plan "& just pay for 1 IVF cycle at a time. The reason is because... WE could get pregnant on the first try and lose allot of money. Money is not a problem for us, we have been very blessed, though we don't like to waist money. I Just hope we made the right decision... My Nurse then said we could schedule a date for IVF. I told her about how DH works, so she gave me several dates that they could do the transfer on. I then said I would look at them and get back with her. There was 2 good dates for me... the week of MARCH 30th or the week of MAY 25th. After looking at these dates I've pretty much decided that "MAY 25th" would be best. Because I was still waiting to start my period, and I've never had an HSG, and don't know if we will run into any problems or if I would even start my period in enough time for MARCH 30th.

SO I've been trying to get ahold of my nurse since last Thursday, I got a call back from another nurse, she said Sabrina (my nurse) wasn't in, and that she would leave her a message for me & call me back. NO CALL the next day.. so I called this morning when I got up.... later on today I was talking to my mom n then I said... HEY I feel kinda weird like my panties are a little wet.LOL So then I thought and said OUT LOUD... HEY MAYBE I STARTED MY PERIOD!! My mom was paying her bills at the time, so I pulled out my stretchy exercise pants and LOOKED right And YES I started my period.. I was so happy!!! I didn't expect to start so early... SO then I called and hour later and left my nurse another message. lol

I just got a call back from a nurse (not MINE) ugh.. She said Sabrina was sick, but should be in tomorrow.. She said that she was looking at DH's sperm test, and saw that there was a high White Blood count, which I already know. And so do all of our Dr's.. She said that Allergy's could be causing it. And asked if he had ever been put on antibiotics for it. I said yes but it didn't clear it all. And that ALL of our Dr's didn't know what caused it. Any how she then explain that the DR
probably would want to put us "Both" on antibiotics. "IF WE WE'RE SEXUALLY ACTIVE" Because OF infection I'm sure. The DR. did mention that dh's sperm could have gave me infections, because of his white blood count. The only way to find out is to look, and we haven't got to that point yet. WE will soon though now that I've started my period..

DH was home from work a little over a week,but his work called him, and asked him if he would come out to work early, we could use a little extra money With IVF coming up soon so he decided to go, so he's in the gulf working again..He won't be home now until FEB 25th..
I hope that won't be a problem.. And I HOPE AND PRAY that we won't run into ANY problems to slow us down. I'm ready to get this thing SO all I have too say NOW is That I better be getting a call back tomorrow or I won't be happy about it!!!! And I'll be leaving more I'm surprising my self that I am being this persistent and straight forward, normally I'm a very, very, very, SHY person. I guess I just want a baby really bad...

I'll update you tomorrow, on what I find out and what I'm doing next:)

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  1. I am so excited for you. When good ole AF arrives you think to yourself that you have never been so excited to have your period before in your life and well a Baby changes everything!! The HSG isn't that bad or at least it wasn't for me... I had a little spotting, but nothing real big. My doctor just automatically put both of us on antibiotics just to clear anything up, but it is better to always go the safe route. Good Luck!! I am thinking about you and wishing you well : )