Wednesday, February 25, 2009

update & some drugs :)

Yesterday, I was going to call my Dr's office and check about what they wanted me to do about the possible uterine polyps, but I waited to late and the office was closed :( Anyway today I was getting ready to go pick my little bro. up from school when my phone rang... "with the ring tone of my Dr's office".. I then rushed into the other room and grabbed my It was Sabrina my nurse.. she said that I would need to wait until I started my period and give her a call then, so they can schedule a "Hysteroscopy" to look at my uterus, and that they would do that on day 7 to 11 of my cycle. Just like when I scheduled my HSG.. (Good to know I thought to my self)

So then she told me that the Dr. was going to call in some Antibiotics for DH and Me. Because of Dh's high white blood count. She said that he would just call in enough pills for both of us in my name. That way it would be cheaper and we could share them. We're suppose to take 1 pill a day for 20 days. Then save 8 pills each for the retrieval.

Now I'm still just waiting for my period to get here, hopefully it won't take long, and I'll have a normal cycle like last time:) DH is coming home today from working off shore. I'm very excited about that, I've been missing him allot!!! I love that man so much... And God has blessed my Family so much, and continues to everyday.. I just know that God is with me and Dh through our Journey with infertility!!! Oh, and things are going extremely well with settling with the company concerning my dads death!! God has given my mom the wisdom to know what to say.. He has sent people to help us.. And He's done what we can't do ourselves.. I'm am overjoyed with happiness, And I love the Lord so much!!! I know with all my heart that he's watching out for my family.

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  1. Good luck with your procedure honey! I just had that in December. You will do awesome! Have faith in God and you will receive the desires of your heart!