Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Up date

OK.. today I got up and got ready & then called my nurse around lunch time. I was very surprised when someone actually answered the phone, and I wasn't talking to an answering machine...lol Anyway.. I asked for my nurse of course. But was told she was out at lunch, I asked her to leave my nurse a message to call me back.. And hour later I got a call back from LISA (another nurse). She then told me that my nurse was still out sick, that she got better, but now her 2 kids have a virus and strep throat. The Nurse did help me schedule my test I needed done though.. so I was happy about that. Tomorrow morning I have and apt for blood work and ultra sound. And on the 19th this month, next Thursday I have my HSG apt. I'm very glad to have that taken care of.

I also asked her if "My nurse" is the only one who can schedule my IVF. She said yes.. But that she should be back tomorrow and she was going to leave a note on her desk, to call me. That may be so, but so far I've had a little trouble with them calling me back so if she don't call me by 12:00 tomorrow.. I'll just have to leave her another message LOL... I just hope they can still schedule my IVF for MAY th. I will be pretty up set if they can't... seeing as I have been trying to get in contact with my nurse since last week. Maybe I'm just worrying too much.. I have a habit of doing that, and also looking for things to go wrong... I need to work on those issues or else I'll have myself upset all the time..lol I'll be praying that everything works out, and nothing goes wrong...

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  1. You sound exactly like me when I was getting ready to go through IVF. I pestered my fertility office for weeks and weeks and I left message after message, but there were times I wouldn't get a call back right away and it drove me CRAZY!! Anyway, I know they are busy, but geesh louise I am the only one here wanting a baby (hahahaha-kidding). That is how I felt and I wanted to take priority. It all worked out for the best in the long run, but it sounds like you definitely need to stay on top of things or else they might drop the ball. Good luck girl!!