Friday, February 27, 2009

Organizing meds..

So today I decided to organize mine & dh's meds, since the dr. prescribed enough for both of us in my name to save money. Plus we're suppose to "save 8 pills for the retrieval". Dh will be going back to work again before I know it, so I got all "NIFTY" with some zip lock bags & a black magic I separated my and dh's pills into our own bags, with our names on them. Then I left the 8 pills in the bottle for the retrieval, that way we won't get anything mixed up.


I know I'm weird, but I really enjoy having something to do. Even if it is just taking "Doxcycl" and counting down the days untill we're done with one more thing. We have 18 pills left to take so far. Keeps me a little more content, because it feels like we're getting just one more step closer to our IVF cycle :)


  1. You are indeed getting one more step closer and I am so so happy for you. I remember taking that drug too before IVF. Kills any and all infections you might have and gets your prepared to take all the other good stuff. I remember all my stuff like it was yesterday. It was just such an exciting time for me and that is why I remember it so clearly. I guess you and I have that in common : )

    Praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts.


  2. I just wanted to welcome you to my blog and I will be following your journey also.I like to organize things and have little tasks to complete too lol. Maybe for all of us IF sufferers it helps keeps our minds busy so the time passes more quickly. -Megan

  3. Sorry I havent commented for a while. Firstly thank you very much for my comment, it made me feel a lot better.
    I would def organise all my drugs like you have, it makes you feel more relaxed and in order.
    From your previous post about the student nurse saying you was too young for TTC. I think that is terrible. It is not your age but how mature you are. A lot of people have said things like that about me and DH getting engaged and then married when I was 23 (which I dont even think is young!). Ignore the comments. It is up to us what we choose to do in life, what will make us happy.
    Really hope this IVF goes well. x

  4. One step closer honey!!! Yeah! We can travel this road together just as long as you drive a few miles! LOL Good luck sweetie!


  5. You remind me of me! I am the same way with organizing the meds. And the funny thing is it is exciting. Most would be bothered by it ... I look forward to it! I wish you nothing but luck and hope this is it for you!

  6. Hey, just to say I have nominated you fo the love ya award!

  7. Hey Hannah, those are the pills I was telling you about. They can be pretty hard on your stomach, so find what works for you. I couldn't eat anything sweet but I had to eat something or they were coming back up. I am so excited for you guys!!! You are almost there!!! YAY! : )