Monday, February 2, 2009

my obgyn appt.

Well.... I went and got one more thing over with today, I asked my Dr. to fax my test results from my pap test to my Fertility Clinic. She said.. No problem. I told her we would be starting IVF soon. She told me about one of her patients husbands that had the same problems as me and DH. She said they were young like us, and they had to do ICSI with IVF, which is what we are doing. She said ICSI works really good for people with our problems. And that couple got pregnant the first IVF cycle. And now they have a year old twins! It just made me feel good to hear that, it encouraged me a

I'm trying to stay positive. Seems like I'm praying about it all the time. What I really want most is Gods will in Mine and my DH life. I want children more than anything. Its still very hard sometimes, but I like to remind my self that I'm not alone, and God is with me all the time, he knows every thing about me and loves me even though I don't deserve it:) And he is in control of everything!(even though in hard times its easy to forget) I believe everything will work out for me n DH, one way or another.


  1. You are right... things indeed happen in God's time and that was so hard for ME to realize when we were going through all of our fertility treatments, but before IVF I finally handed it all over to God and well things started happening for us. What a blessing!!

    Best of luck as you continue to move closer to IVF.

    ~ Lisa

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your IVF journey..... My husband and I also went through IVF with ICSI. I ended up with 31 eggs, and of those 31 eggs, 29 of them fertilized. Without ICSI, my husband and I would've never been able to have a child because of infertility issues with my husband. IVF with ICSI is amazing! If you ever have any questions, or need to talk.... send me a message. :)