Saturday, February 21, 2009

"HSG" & (a small rant)

SO.. Thursday I had my HSG test done. It went pretty good. I woke up early to get there at 8, so that they could take some more of my blood to make sure I wasn't preg. So then I had to wait an hour eat something, and then take Lortab & Phenergan that my Dr. prescribe me for pain,and nausea. A few minutes later I was feeling really calm and relaxed, which was great because normally I would be extremely up tight. The HSG went by fairly quick. My tubes were not blocked YAY!!! BUT I may have a few small UTERINE POLYPS. The Dr. was unsure if it was uterine polyps, or just air bubbles. He said that if I have them, we would need to get rid of them, because it well help me to get pregnant. And he asked me if I had problems with my period. I do of course, and he said if I have them, and they remove the polyps that My period will be better.

So then he told me that he would have Dr. Koulianos (my DR.) look at the results and see what he thinks. The Dr. that actually did my HSG was the other Dr. in my clinic(DR. Inge), so I was glad to meet him. I do think after reading up on uterine polyps that my Dr. will want to at least check for uterine polyps, because I do have the symptoms. If I have them they're easy to get rid of. So I plan on giving my Dr. until Tuesday to call me, and if I haven't heard from him I'll call and leave a message with a nurse. :) I don't want to waste any time waiting around to fix any problems.

Ok its time for my little When I first went back for my HSG, and was changing into my gown in a small restroom in the Xray Room. I over heard A nurse tell the nurse who had brought me back there say... OH you have a Patient that is trying to have a baby. After I was in my gown and the Dr. came in and shortly after I realized she was a "student nurse". So far every thing is going well.. he even asked her if she had seen a cervix before she said no, so he showed her mine and said mine was nice and Things from that point are going well still. It was only until I was getting dressed in the restroom, that I over heard her talking about me telling another nurse that she was wondering... WHY WAS I EVEN TRYING TO HAVE A BABY SO YOUNG!!!!!! At the time I was very light headed from the meds I was on, and couldn't think too much about it. I was having a hard time enough dealing with bad cramps, and and getting my cloths on.

Here's the deal YES I'm VERY YOUNG, but that was none of her business!!!! For those of you out there that don't know this... It is the just as painful going through infertility at the age 21 as it is at the age 35... People can be very ignorant!!! I can admit that yes, I am mature for my age in some ways. I was always the teenager that didn't get into trouble with allot of things that most teens have problems with. Always the one to see the consequences for the action of things. Where as I see allot of people around my age who are very immature, and truly have no business having children. I'm talking about the ones who still act like babies Themselves who don't, put the baby first, and fail to take care of them. (it probably didn't help that I look even younger than my age either). But never mind, none of that matters.

They gave me a PATIENT CARE SURVEY to fill out if I chose to, and I'll be filling it out and leaving a comment about... what I over heard, and that they should go back over COMMON COURTESY with the student nurses. LOL My mom is a RN and she said that their taught to never talk in hearing distance of a patient.

I wasn't "that bothered" by it. But a year ago it would have really upset me. And this wasn't in the fertility clinic part of the hospital, it was down stairs in the Xray department. All of the Dr's and nurses in my clinic have been nothing, but very nice to me :) And life goes on.....


  1. People can indeed be ignorant and if they have NEVER walked a day in the shoes of an infertility patient then they definitely need to keep their opinions to themselves. I hope that things go well with everything else. I am keeping you in my prayers!!


  2. Hey Hannah,

    Glad to hear things are progressing! I agree with you & Lisa, people can be so ignorant. Who is she to judge you or anyone else. I wish you only the best!


  3. Great news that your HSG was clear!! Yay!!!

    That is absolutely uncalled for. I would have been mad. Definetly fill that customer care card out and tell on that ignorant you isn't NONE of anyones business!!!

  4. Hi honey,

    I noticed you are joining me during my journey and if you don't mind, I'd like to join yours! Good luck sweetie! Keeps the faith and believe that God has a plan for you and you will get through this. That has always helped me!!!


  5. Wow. I feel like this every day. I'm 26. I have been married longer than most adults that get pregnant with no problem. 6 year anniversary today! :)
    When everyone hears I'm going through treatments they immediatley judge me because I am so young. Plus I look even younger. It is unneeded stress!