Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blood work & Ultra Sound

SO this morning I went to my fertility clinic, to get blood work & ultra sound done. It went so fast, they took my blood as soon as I got there.. (I was a little up tight) as I always am when it comes to After that They did the ultra sound, and then she said... your uterus looks good.... your right ovary looks good.... your left ovary looks good... I was so I know to some people this wouldn't matter, but I really want my body to be as good, as possible for IVF.

Around 12:30 I called my nurse, she was out at lunch at the time, but she did call me back this She asked if anyone had helped me while she had been out sick. I said yes someone did help me schedule my appointments. Then I told her I was calling her about scheduling my IVF date. She then told me that she had me down for "MAY25th" !!!
And that she got a note on her desk and wrote it down. SO "for now" I'm She said to call her back with my "march period" and she would give us the paper work to start. Now I'm waiting for another

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  1. Anticipation - gotta love it. You at least have a date and that is super exciting. Congrats on everything going well with your u/s. Hang in there.