Saturday, January 31, 2009


So I was thinking to myself about a week ago..... why am I waiting for dh to come home before I call the IVF nurse to talk to her about which plan me and dh want to go with.. I didn't need him to do SO I called LAST FRI. and talked to her, she told me she would start my paper work and call me back Monday.. She didn't call me Monday so I called her back She said she finished my paper work, but now I have to wait until I start my period because they need to do some blood work and something else on CD 3, and then a HSG on CD10. Because they require that if you are going to do the "shared risk" plan. So now I'm just waiting... But I did realise that I would have to do an HSG anyway, so I'm not losing any time waiting... SO now for once I'm looking forward to af, so I can move forward with things!

I hope that my tubes are not blocked,(and have to have surgery) I don't want to have to wait longer than I have to, to do IVF. I could also have Cist on my ovaries (due to PCOS)that may need to be drained if they are too big.. Hopefully things will go my I would like to start IVF no later than MAY... IF I can schedule it any sooner I will...

I have an obgyn appt. on Monday for my yearly exam... I hate those ugh... I figured I would try to get an appt. soon that way I'd know I wouldn't start my period... Mine is so crazy that I can't make an appt. to far in advance because I never know when af will come... SO I was happy to get a appt so soon. I was reading my IVF papers, and it said I would need to have a pap test with in the year, and it is right at a year, so I wanted to get it done, so that I won't have to do it later. I hope She won't hurt me last year I felt sick for 2 days after. I think it was due to my IC though. Anyway...I hope everything fly's bye and soon I'll have my baby:)

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I see that you too are dealing with infertility and I am sure you read on my blog that I too dealt with infertility and still do to this day. How exciting for you to be so close to IVF. I know that was a very exciting time in my life and a nervous one as well. It definitely is an emotional journey however it is all worth it in the long run. I just ketp telling myself that it would be worth it, I put it all in God's hands and I kept the FAITH. I indeed never gave up on my dreams of becoming a Mom and well now I have a little toddler that brings so much love and laughter into my life.

    I wish you the best as you continue to move closer to becoming a Mom and I hope that we can stay in touch.