Monday, January 12, 2009

Nervous... excided...

Well, tomorrow is Our FIRST apt. with an RE. I'm really Nervous on one hand, because I'm like one of the shyest people I I have a bit of an Anxiety problem.. I get so nervous sometimes I can't even think.. But I'm also VERY EXCITED on one hand, because I feel like we're moving forward, and getting closer to having a baby. I hope we get pregnant this yr. But, it is in Gods hands, I hope and pray that it is his will.

One thing I know that we want to do, is skip IUI, And go straight to IVF. WHY YOU ASK?? lol Because My husband's "Sperm Count is really LOW", and he only has about" 25% Motility", and only "30% are normal". As for me I don't ovulate at all, or at least not very much, I haven't been diagnosed yet. But of course I want to find out what "exactly" is wrong with me, and get on with the process. Money is not as much of a problem for us. ( not that there isn't any stress about it) And DH is only home 2 weeks out of the month due to work. SO that will be a bit of a problem for us, but hopefully not too Much. Pray I won't worry myself to death about it all!!
I'll inform you how it went.

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