Friday, January 2, 2009

My Parents Miracle Baby..

My parents met when my mom was 16 yrs old, and he was 20. They dated a year, and then he asked her to marry him . They thought about waiting until she graduated high school to get married, but they didn't want to wait. So.. they got married in December. My mom "did" finish school Which I thought was good, considering no one was gonna make her go.. Shortly after she finished high school, they decided they wanted to have a baby. They tried for about 2 years with no results. She had been to the Dr, and in a month from then they we're going to see if there was a problem with my dad. Then one night they went to a revival at some church. That night the preacher called them to the front of the church. And he said.... "They're is going to be a miracle in your Life"... That night on the way home, my dad look over at my mom and asked.. do you think it could be a baby?... Well.. it wasn't but a few weeks after that, when my dad bought my mom a pregnancy test. She didn't fill to confident about it, seeing as they had tried so long with no results.. SO.. she took the test.. and it was POSITIVE!! They were so excited, my mom made my dad go buy another test, just to make sure what they were seeing was for She took the other test, and of course it was also positive.. God had gave them a miracle.. and that miracle was me! God had heard they're prayers. And so 9 months later they had me, and named me "Hannah" after the one in the bible.. :) This summer my daddy told my mom to tell me, just to remember "THEIR STORY". He was so precious. And I will never forget him. And can't wait to see him in heaven, one day. A huge part of why I've always wanted kids is because my family is such a great one. I'm not saying it, was perfect, know one is. But still I had 2 great parents, who loved the Lord and loved all of their children unconditionally. I just wanted to share this with you... Thanks for listening

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