Thursday, January 8, 2009

My family needs prayer..

I know I've talk allot about my dad, but My family is going through the trial of our life's right now.. You all know know my dad died but, you do not know HOW HE DIED. Like I said before he worked off shore, over seas, off the coast of Nigeria. He was at work, when it happened. My mom and dad had recently moved an hour away, so they could be closer to a school for my little bro. which has dyslexia. Anyway, mom got a message through an old neighbor that there was an emergency and some man was looking for her. She then called me wondering if, I had heard from My sis, because she hadn't heard from her in a few days. I got a hold of her. That day my aunt and uncle was headed to my moms apartment to drop off there boys for her to watch because my aunt was going to have surgery. Shortly after they arrived my mom got a phone call from my dads parents.. my paw paw then put her on the phone with the coroner.. and that how she got told. Thank God my aunt & uncle was there.. So that my lil bro. didn't get traumatized. That day I had a felling something wasn't right I could just fell it, then Later on I got a phone call from my husbands granny, she was concerned about him. She had already been hearing about the emergency obviously. And "she was on vacation" so I Knew something really was wrong because me and mom had told no one that there was a "emergency" jus in case it was nothing and a rumer would be started. Then she asked me if I new anyone named Scott. ANd then I almost Knew for sure. My dads name was scott. but most people called him scotty. Then I kept calling my mom I jus knew something had happened, and I knew it was out everywhere, and I was scared that she was going to hear from jus about anyone. She wouldn't answer her phone.. and my uncle was acting weird. They didn't know that, I basically knew... I was sitting a my grandmas house with my aunts other 2 girls I was going to be keeping them.. And then my grandma said.. Hannah your moms here.. My Aunt had drove her there to tell me, I went outside and met her half way.. She was so serious when she told me, and also said that I already knew what she was going to say.. but to her surprise I was strong and ready to take care of her... She was worrying if I was going to be OK, and I had been worried if she was OK.

I call my sis and told her to come over right then and to get her boyfriend to drive her there. Unfortunately because my parents had move and the coroner couldn't find my mom, word had gotten all over town, before we knew what had happened. And some idiots had called my sis and said... I heared your dad ex. My aunt called one of those people and let them have it.. it was funny.. My mom and I told My little brother the next day that was very hard on me. All we knew at the time was that there had been a tragic accident, and something had hit him. At the time we didn't know when they would send his body home. They had to go through the laws over there and several investigations before they could release his body. We buried him a week later. We later found out that A crane had failed and jolted which caused this thing to jar at the top of what they were lifting.. and caused it to fall it hit him on the back of this head, he died instant and painless death. That object weighed over 900 pounds... And even though we didn't choose to view the body because they didn't recommend it, they said there was only a bruise on the back of his head and neck, and very small scratch on his ear. My mom is still dealing with the company. I won't say too much more on this matter except to pray for us about this and pray that it will be settled soon. My mom does not want to sue, but she will if she has too. It will be better when this thing with the company gets settled so that we can get on with our lives and at least get a little more closure.. I'm sorry for going on and on about my dad. I JUS needed to talk about it. I only talk to my close family members about it, and it feels good to let it all out.. Thank for listening please keep us in your prayers. WE NEED IT!

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  1. I am so sorry to read this post. I know how absolutely painful it can be to lose a parent. I lost my father at a very young age and he was only 36. Then my mother passed away at the age of 50. It is the hardest thing to deal with and the best thing you can have is a shoulder to cry on. You can cry on my shoulder anytime. Good luck to you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers.