Thursday, January 8, 2009

My daddy...

My dad as you can tell meant allot to me. And it helps me to talk about it, so let me fill you in on what he meant to me, and tell you some things about him. He loved God. He loved mama completely, if he were still alive they would have grown old together. They both have never been divorced, and never cheated on each other. Both of my parents only grew to love each other more over the years. They had what most people only dream about having. The have 3 children, me , my sis, 8 yr old lil bro. They took us to church, and taught us what was right and wrong. I almost forgot they have four children my mom had a miscarriage 1 yr. before my lil bro. was born. Now my dad is with his other child. He loved his kids, no matter what we did even if we disappointed him at times. He Loved baby girls. When my mom got preg. the last time he said.. he didn't care if it was another girl! I think its so sweet, most men want a boy eventually to carry on their But they had a boy, and when he was born he told mom he was as pretty as the girls was when they were And he was.. people in the hospital that seen him in the nursery, thought he was a He held him and said... We bought you a new bed, Ex. We bought a new truck because of you, WE even bought a New House all because of you. It was so cute. My dad was so thoughtful he would always ask my mom and make sure that we had new coats for the winter. Which most men wouldn't even think about. He didn't mind taking us shopping even when we got older he would help us and our mom pick out things to wear. When me and my sis was baby's and children he always wanted us to wear those "fluffy dresses". It broke his heart one yr when mom told him that we didn't have to wear them anymore because we were getting older!lol He was the type of man, that to this day if I said.. I want some kind of food and he had the last bit of it he would try to give it to me. SO sweet.. "HE WAS AND EXCELLENT PROVIDER" we were always token care of, and didn't have to worry he gave us all security. He was OUR ROCK. You may think to your self such a man to care about little details about us may have been a NOT SO.. He was a country boy, and loved deer hunting. These last few yrs its been all about his Mathews Solocam "BOW"(catch us if you can) & his Bad Boy those of you with hunters for husbands, know what I'm talking about. He talked with a southern draw. He helped me decorate for my wedding ceremony, while mom was at home cooking tons of gumbo for the wedding. He had to calm me down several times before I got married because I worry about He'd always assure me that everything would be alright. And even though he was very happy for me to be marrying my husband there was also a since of lost there for him. I think he felt like he was the one who always took care of me, but now he was having to give me away, and someone else was going to fill that role in my life now. I didn't hear him, But everyone said that at my wedding during the slid show he broke down and started sobbing. :( pour daddy.. Mom said that she told him later on that night in the bed that he was going to have to cheer up, cause she didn't know what to do with him being so sad. You see she had never seen him cry much, and never sob for that matter. Lets jus say that man love me very much. BUT, he equally loved all of his children, there are NO favorites in my family. He worked Off Shore, before he met my mom. And that's what he done all his life. He reached his goal before dying to be a "TOOL PUSHER" Which is like a supervisor position out there, he was working on one of the biggest drill ships in the WORLD. And he did all that on only a high school diploma. I'm am very proud he is my daddy, I couldn't of had a better one.

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