Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First RE Apt.!!

Yesterday was our first RE apt., And I'm very EXCITED!! I really liked my Dr. Basically he told me what I wanted to hear.(not that I'm excited about infertility) Which was... That I have "PCOS", Which is not A big deal, if it wasn't for DH's problems, which are...... VERY LOW SPERM & LOW MOTILITY. So he said we should do IVF with ICSI!! He said that it would be a waste of our time and money to do IUI, because of dh symptom's. I was so relieved, I felt the same way. SO after a long 2 yrs. of nothing, we are going to skip everything else, and go straight to IVF.

Now we just have to decide when we want to do this. The Dr. said "it was up to us" of course, but that time is on our side because we're both so young, that we could wait a year, and it wouldn't hurt our chances. We will not wait a year of He also said that we were the ideal candidates for IVF, and because of our age it gives us up to a 60% chance of success. Oh, we also found out that dh's work wouldn't be a problem, its actually good because we know for sure when he will be home every month, and we could plan it very easily for him to be home when he needs to be. So that's one less thing for me to worry about. :) Now we have some decisions to make about when, and what type of IVF plan we're going to go with. Its in between "2" just pay for 1 IVF treatment or do the "Shared Risk" refund program which gives us 3 IVF cycles & 3 frozen embryo transfers. And a 70% refund if treatments are not successful. What would you do???

I "could" get pregnant on one cycle, or it could take a few more tries. WE don't know what will happen. SO I'm leaning toward the "Shared Risk" program because we will be able to pay for it with out, taking out a loan. It would be a good bit more money, but if we need to do it more times it would be worth it. Although I may get pregnant on the first try, and lose money. Again I'm just wondering what are your thoughts on this?? I'm REALLY HAPPY about this and can't wait to move forward with this. And hopefully, if it is Gods will... I will GET PREGNANT THIS YEAR!!!


  1. I think it is up to you but I would lean towards the shared risk as well because you are not putting all your chances into one try. Because of this things maybe less tense and stressful and you can relax a little more knowing you have other chances and if you're relaxed it may happen easier and quicker if that makes sense?!!? If you have the money and get pregnant first time I would still say it is money well spent!! Hope that helps.

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog. Just wanted to say that miracles happen every day. K and I were told by RE's that a baby wasn't possible using my eggs...and here we are a year later and I will be giving birth to MY SON in less than 30 days...Keep praying and believing even when you don't feel up to it. I'll join you in praying for your 2009 miracle! (And I look forward to following your journey!)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! It looks like you and I have a similar infertility diagnosis. My husband has the extremely low count issue, and I had surgery last August to remove a lot of endometriosis as well as an ovarian tumor and the ovary it was growing on. Lots of stuff going on with us! Before the doctor even found my tumor and endo, we were also advised to try IVF & ICSI. We decided not to go that route, but I hope that it is very successful for you! It's exciting to think about the possibilities, isn't it?! Blessings on you and your husband!