Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exersise and updates

My husband and I joined a gym at the YMCA about 2 weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! It makes me feel so good. I have been going about 5 to 7 times a week, sometimes 2 times a day with my sis. And when dh is working off shore, I go with my mom. Its a lot more fun if you have someone doing it with you. I'm trying to get myself in better shape for IVF. Even though I'm not horribly over weight, I am heavier than what I want to be. I did weigh about 142, but now I weigh 136 so I've lost about 6 pounds so far. I want to weigh about 114, I know to some this may seem little, but I'm only 5'2" and my body frame is small. So 114 on me looks healthy. My Dr. didn't say my weight was a problem, I will just feel better fiscally and emotionally if I lose the weight. :) I haven't always weighed as much as I do right now, I started going up and down with it since I was 19. I'm only 21 1/2 now so I've been having some problems with it for about 2 1/2 yrs now. I'll post some before and after pics after I lose the weight. My default pic. is when I weighed 114, I haven't put any resent ones on here because I don't like

Dh is working right now, he'll be back home on the 28th this month. That we'll be great so that we can get the ball rolling with IVF. We have pretty much decided we want to go with the "Shared Risk" program. SO we need to call the IVF nurse to let her know what we decided, so that we can move forward with this. Here are a few things I want to take care of soon, I need my yearly exam, me & dh need to have some blood work done that they require, and I need to do a HSG to see if my tubes are blocked. He said he that I "may" have had, and infection from my husbands sperm because he has a problem with too many white blood cells in his sperm, they don't know why he has this either. He just has all kinds of problems, bless his He can't help it though, and it doesn't matter to me. I love that man SO MUCH!!! Actually last night I was talking to him on the phone, and he told me he had been thinking allot about having a baby, and that he couldn't wait to have one. You should have heard him, it was so cute. It made me feel better too, I was just feeling slightly a little down about it all that night. We all have our I would still like for everyone to us in your prayers, we need it. Thanks


  1. Thank you for your kind words. I know we all go through these feelings of upset everytime AF arrives but it doesnt make it any easier, just reassured!! My plan this month is to lose some weight as well, might as well have a goal and it may make it easier to get pregnant, you never know! Keep up with the gym! Nic

  2. I just read your posts about your father. I los my dad when he was fifty two and I was twenty one (ten years ago). He was here one day and gone the next. I still miss him. I still cry some times. But it does get better. Hang in there.

  3. Totally not a big deal - i did not even think of it - please do not worry about it - we are all going through this horrible experience - it is just nice to know I am not alone and I have support - thank you for your comment and I appreciate the info.