Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another much needed up date

Hello all.. Sorry I've been MIA again for so long. The truth is I've still been sick Allot, and just really busy. The morning sickness is allot better though and I'm starting to eat some foods that I couldn't before. I'm NOW 15 weeks!!YAY!!

The trip I took to Tennessee was allot of fun. Everything was lit up with Christmas lights. And we all enjoy ourselves, and did Allot Of shopping.

The Only really bad part was..... The ride there.. OH MY.. I was SO SO SICK. trying with everything in me not to throw up in the car. Its a 7 hour drive!!! Anyway half way there I decided to eat some PICKLE CHIPS. DO NOT do this while sick & Pregnant. I made it to our cabin Thank God, but right after that I was throwing up and it was SO Painful.. because the Vinegar in the pickle chips BURNED my throat!! I remember yelling in agony.. GOD HELP ME!!LOL But seriously that was HORRIBLE!!!

Now I am having allot of indigestion and acid reflux. SO that's whats new. Something very weird happen to me Monday night. I went to bed at about 11pm and then as soon as I laid down.. I felt this Horrible pain in my left arm from My shoulder to my fingers.. It was Intense Pain. I did not sleep at all and finally got up at 3 am. About 4am I started throwing up because the pain was so bad it was making me nausea's. I threw up about 8 times in about 2 hours time. My mom convinced me to call my Drs. office and see what they said. They told me to come in that afternoon and that they'd fit me in. I was sick all day but by the time I got there I felt better but was exhausted from getting no sleep. My Blood presser looked great, and baby's heart beat was great. SO of course just like I new ahead of time.. the Dr couldn't tell me what was causing the arm pain.. if I was older or over weight he said that my heart would worry him. But because I'm young and healthy he didn't know. Although he did say that it did line up that the Intense pain would cause the bad nausea I had. I have a theory that it had to be a Nerve in my body that caused it. Weird I know but nothing else makes since.

I had an apt today and he told me to keep it, even though I was just their on Monday, Just to make SURE everything still looked good and I didn't have anymore weird symptoms going on. Once again today everything looked good. NO more weird stuff going on, and I hope that it never happens again..All I can say to describe it is "terrible pain."

He told me to come back in 4 weeks for my ultra sound. And then I asked if I could come back in 3 weeks instead because my husband wouldn't be home. He said 5 weeks instead. He likes to do the ultra sounds at 19 weeks, SO I'll be waiting a little longer SO that my Hubby can be home for that. Because Of course He really wants to be there:) SO It'll be worth the wait so he'll get to see our baby, and not miss out. The BIG DAY IS- FEB 1st!!! And I can't wait.. It feels like I've been waiting to find out I have no patients!!LOL I also need to post a resent belly pic. Its bigger of course... the funny part is when I went to the Dr last month and this month I haven't Gained A Pound. My belly has just been It can't last though I gained 4 pounds after thanks giving day then lost it again. I don't know if I'll drop the weight I'm sure to gain after we'll wait and see what happens next month.

Well I'm gonna get off of here and wrap another present. Take care all of you and have a wonderful, Blessed Christmas:)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Belly pic @ almost 11 weeks;)

This is a little late...But here it is...

10 weeks and 5days

I'm now 12 weeks preggo WHOO HOO!!! For making it this far with everything still looking great!!! At my last Dr. apt our baby's heartbeat had risen quite a bit since last time I heard it at 6 weeks when it was 109 bpm. At 11 weeks it was 165 and 169 bpm when the nurse checked it:) My Dr. said I needed the swine flu shot, and said it was a dead vaccine so it was safe for pregnant women. So I had that done. I asked him when will I get my 1st ultra sound there.. and He said in between 17 and 20 weeks!!! UGH!! So sorry ladies... I have no pics of my little one yet. I'll have to wait till my apt next month in January. The exciting part of that is I will get to find out if we're having a boy or girl next month!!! SO I'm looking forward to that for sure. And of course I'll get to go this month for a apt also, and get to here the heartbeat again. That's always nice and reassuring:)

I've still been sick a good bit... and that's not fun. But it truly has been a good sign that things are going normal. I'll try to take more pics and post them. I misplaced my camera last time my hubby was home from off shore and we were moving back to my home town. When he came home he informed me that he had found it in his car... I was SO RELIEVED!!LOL

I still have lots of stuff to do.. we bought our land "Paid in FULL";) Now I have to choose who I want to build my house, and I want to make a good choice about that.

whats happening very soon?? I'm going to the smoky mountains!!! YAY!! I love it up there in gatlinburg and pigeon forge!!! Me & my sister decided just yesterday to go up there for about 4 days just to get away and have some fun together.. our husbands are coming too of We just booked a very nice cabin today and are headed up there this Yes... this was spontaneous.. But it'll be fun!!! I've been talking about going some where to get away for a while.. and kept coming up with reasons why we didn't need to go because we was busy with this or that. BUT I finally decided that I was just going to have to stop and make time or else I would keep putting it off and never go any where. lol

well take care you all... I'm tired and need to Hope you all have a Great week end!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA. I've just been SO SICK!!! Its a good sick I guess.. if I must be that I'm very thankful/excited about my Baby of course... I just want to feel better so I can enjoy it more. Hoping I'll feel better after 12 weeks.. I'll be 11 Weeks this Monday.. YAY!!! Also I have a Dr. appt next week, so I'm excited about that:)

My belly is growing I had to Buy some maternity pants already. Something else is growing too:( My Boobs!! Their Huge!!! I bought new Bras.. But I'm going to have to buy some more in a bigger size. I wore a C.. before I got pregnant.. Now I'm about to pop out of a size D. AGH!! Please stop Growing!! My mama informed me that her boobs grew the whole time her belly was growing.. just

As for Cravings... I have wanted- Pickles(for breakfast), Pickled okra, Cherry Zup, Cheese Doritos crunched up mixed with sour cream(this is something I used to eat when I was a very young just weird stuff I guess

SO no need to worry about me.. everything is going Normal so far. But keep on Praying for my baby... that means allot!!! I've Never seen any blood Thank God!!! Not even after my retrieval & transfer, or during my 2ww. SO That... I'm very thankful for because it would worry me sick if I did. I can't wait for 12 weeks to get here!!!

Take Care you all... I've Got to GO Now. My Mama is getting Married today!!! I'm very Happy for Her. This is meant to be. I highly approve of this Man, and that's saying A whole lot coming from me... as I don't trust people easily;)

Have a good day you all!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 weeks & a belly pic

1st I want to say Thank You to Nic!!! She Got Our baby its 1st Gift!!! And I Love it!!! Every pregnant woman should have one:) In Fact you should get one "before" your pregnant if you like.. The Belly pics actually can start 2 weeks before your pregnant in this book!!!

Here's the card.. so sweet!!!

And here's my wonderful Gift "THE BELLY BOOK" Its has a place to put a picture of your belly every week of your pregnancy, and lots ways to document your baby all the way through:)

And here's my 1st Belly Pic at 7 weeks!!!

Its not the best picture But I was trying to take it I'll let My husband do it next time when gets home next week;)

So far things are going good. I've had a good bit of nausea. My Dr. Prescribed me some medication for that though so that was nice of him:) My next appt is scheduled for Nov. 25th. I might have to reschedule that though I might have Allot going on that week. And if I change it to the week after that my hubby can be home to go with me, so that would be nice:)

As far as people I know in real life knowing our News.. Well word has gotten around fast in our home town where were we both grew Its a Small Town... gotta love/hate And we're in the process of buying Land there, and going to start building a house. WE are So Busy!!! things just don't look like their gonna slow down for me..sigh.

Well take care you all, and if you will.. Please keep our Baby in your prayers. I'm trying not to worry as much, I just want our baby to be growing strong & be healthy.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st Ultra Sound

And we have.................

1 little Myhre Baby!!!:) The top circle above is the Yolk sac.. and then beneath that is our tiny Miracle baby!!!

The Lady that works in the lab stopped us in the hallway to ask- how many we had. We said- 1. She said- Really?? I thought y'all were candidates for (I'm sure she new what our betas we're before) Then she said- one is Great too This lady is a NUT. You'd just have to meet her to know.

We are Thrilled of course. I was So Nervous last night & this morning about.. IF we would see a baby & IF we would see a Heartbeat.

Everything went Great... When she 1st started the ultra sound.. I did have a little moment of worry.. Because we couldn't hardly see the baby.. Because it was SO Close beside my uterine wall.. It looked like it was trying to Blend in with But it didn't take long, and we could see the yolk sac, our teeny tiny Baby, And the the Flickering heart beat. We Also got to hear the heartbeat today which was Wonderful!!! My husband enjoyed that just as much as me, and it seemed to just amaze him... to hear him talk about it:)

s/he is Measuring at- 6weeks and 1 day today.

Heartbeat- 109 bpm

And Our Due Date is- June 14, 2010

That's only one day before my husbands birthday.. So who knows our baby could be born on his Birthday:)

We were Released From Our Clinic today. And they were Glad to find out that I had already made my 1st Dr. apt with my obgyn. I signed some paper work to release my Medical records to my new Dr. And then we were done.

My worries are not over yet.. We have a long way to go. But I'm Praying that God would protect this child that He has Blessed us with, and help our baby continue to Grow and be healthy. That is my prayer.

So far everything looks Great. Continuing to keep all of you out there in my prayers as well.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweetest thing..

My husband had to leave for work/offshore a day after my IVF Transfer. And Before he left.. He walked in with a card. Of course this made me happy I LOVE Cards that come from the Heart:)

And I have to say.. that Its one of the sweetest ones I've ever Got!!!


It was so simple.. But at the Same time So Meaningful.. On the Front of the Card was 2 cuddling kittens. And it said- "Some Things Are Just Meant To Be..."

When I opened it it It Said- You and Me.. Then my husband Put a Coma in- And It Said- "You and Me, and Our New Family!!!

During my 2ww while my hubby was at work, this card sat on my night stand. I read it often..and it always made me feel Good:)

Just wanted to Share this with you.. My husband is too sweet and this is one of the Most thoughtful things he's Ever did for me.

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

BFP's before Beta:)

7 days past 3day Transfer-BFN
8 days past 3day Transfer-BFN
9 days Past 3day Transfer-BFP There is a faint line!!!

10 days Past 3day Transfer- BFP and getting a little darker

11 days past 3day Transfer-Darker.....12 days Past 3day Transfer-
( its lighter OH NO!)

Whew.. Its

Morning of my 1st Beta Test:)
So that was what it was Like for me during the 2nd week of my 2ww.
Now if I POAS.. the 2nd Line shows up Immediately before the other one.. And its Darker I say its all that HCG I have in my system:)
Yes.. I'm still Testing here & I say its "GREAT Therapy" After going through Infertility and All those BFN's.
It's really funny... The Excitement of a BFP still has not worn off for me... Every time I take a test.. I run out of the bathroom.. putting the test in DH's face.. Saying.. Look We're Pregnant!!! Maybe I'm a little crazy BUT who cares;)
I'm happy and Excited about my 1st ultra sound at our RE's office.
I have also went ahead and scheduled my 1st Dr. appt. with my OBGYN..
and that is on Oct. 26th. Were Praying that Everything goes great and that our baby/ies are in good health and growing stronger every day.
Also Keeping all of you in my Prayers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One More Week...

Until My 1st Scan... I can't wait!!! I want to see my Baby/ies!!! Even though I have this feeling- that everything is going to be OK, and that- this is meant to be.

I still Worry.. Why IS THAT??? I worry if everything is ok... If I will see a Heartbeat/s... If They are in my tubes.. EX.

I'm a "nut case" sometimes..haha

As far as my symptoms.. I had some before my 1st beta- "Tiredness" Often..needed a nap everyday(not normal for me)
Nausea.. in the middle of the night, and very early in the morning. No vomiting yet thankfully:)
Also I felt.. Fatigue, Teary, Emotional..Ex.

Although.. Yesterday & today. Almost no symptoms.. I know every ones different, and some people aren't sick every day. I'm Probably one of those people. But it does worry me a little, even though I don't like feeling sick. This makes me crazy!!!lol

I think I'll feel Much Better when I see my Baby/ies Heartbeat/s:)
I did some reading and have found out that it is indeed normal for people like myself who have been though Infertility to Worry More sometimes.. Its like we're still worried something might go wrong. We almost can't help ourselves..

DO not worry about me though. I'm doing Great!!! God is going to take care of me:) And my little one/s are in his hands. My days for the most part are really good. Except for those irritating thoughts that try to creep into my mind. Its still hard for me to Except that I am actually Pregnant sometimes. I really didn't know if it was possible before. I am SO thankful for this Pregnancy, and I Never want to take it for Granted!!!

I hope you are all doing well. And for those out there who are still trying for your BFP's.. Don't give up.. It's worth it.. Even if you can't even see it Right Now. Love You all!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Award:)

I receive this award from "Michelle" @2 of a kind working on a full house. Thank you.. you are too sweet:)
1. You Can Only Use One Word!
2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers
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4. Have Fun!
The Survey~
1. Where is your cell phone? pocket
2. Your hair? Brown
3. Your mother? Loving
4. Your father? BEST
5. Your favorite food? Gumbo
6. Your dream last night? stressful
7. Your favorite drink? water
8. Your dream/goal? Family
9. What room are you in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? decorating
11. Your fear? miscarriage
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Mother
13. Where were you last night? aunt's
14. Something that you aren’t? alone
15. Muffins? chocolate
16. Wish list item? Vacation
17. Where did you grow up? Mississippi
18. Last thing you did? ate
19. What are you wearing? Nothing (Ha!! just kidding couldn't help myself)
20. Your TV? TLC
21. Your pets? none
22. Friends? good
23. Your life? Blessed
24. Your mood? good
25. Missing someone? Daddy
26. Vehicle? JEEP
27. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? Target
29. Your favorite color? Teal
30. When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? Today
32. Your best friend? Husband
33. One place that I go to over and over? mamas
34. One person who emails me regularly? Hubby
35. Favorite place to eat? Cracker Barrel
I am awarding this blog award to~
1.Nic@Trying for a baby
2.Jocelyn@Worship while I'm waiting....
3.Brittney @Mommy-in-waiting...
4.Mrs. Amanda@Baby Bean - Our Journey to a BFP
5.Jennifer@ A Look into my Life
6.Flower@With God, All Things are Possible!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you Ready???

I'm sure your all dying to know whats been going on with me.

1st off. I just want to say that...... WE'RE Finally PREGNANT!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd- Yes.. I did Test Early. I started testing at 7dp 3dT.. one week before my Beta test. I'm trying to download Pics of my HPT's. I took pics of every test that way I could document it in my Blog. I actually looked at other peoples Post of their TEST who tested early before their betas. I'll try to post all pics tomorrow;)

3rd- My HPT on 7 & 8 dpt was BFN:( BUT it was too early to tell for sure...And was a good sign that the Trigger shot was out of my system. On 9dpT I got my 1st Ever BFP:) The line was light BUT it showed up Fast:) Every day from then Pretty much got Darker and Darker Which of course encouraged me.. that indeed it DID WORK.

4th- My 1st Beta Results we're- "582" My Dr said- that since it was a Very Good Number and that it was on the high side... that there is a Very GOOD Possibility that there are "2 babies" in there:)

My 2nd Beta Results we're- Wait for it.....Wait for it..... "1894"!!! Whoa.. all we need was for it to double.. Mine more than My IVF Nurse said- That I Probably Defiantly am Pregnant with Twins!!! And Congratulated me.

Then we scheduled my 1st Ultra sound for "October 20th". I'm am Excited and nervous at the same time. And SO ready to find out IF indeed that we are Expecting Twins:)

One more thing before I go My 1st Beta test was on "October 5th" and on that date 1 yr ago my Daddy Past away. And 1 yr later I got the BEST GIFT I could have ever Imagined. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Thank you for all the Prayers, encouragement, and support. It means so much to me!!!

Praying for you all. Your never far from my thoughts.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm still Alive..

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have been having Problems with our "computer and Internet". Right now I'm on my aunts computer who lives a good ways away from me. Hopefully I'll be able to update you all about my beta test on Monday. BUT. I doubt I'll be able to do so:( It might be as late as Thursday before I'm able to update you all. SORRY!!! just wanna give you all a heads up.. And let you know NOT TO WORRY.. If you do not here from me on Monday.

WHY??? Because our "Computer issues" might not be worked out until then. My husband comes home from work/offshore this Wednesday so I'll let him figure it all out then, if I can't get it working before hand. I have NO Patience for "technical problems" and they Stress me out when I think about them...SO it's best that I DO NOT STRESS. And try not to worry about it. Its not worth making myself sick over.. you know?

If you look at my ticker you can see that I only have a few days left of my 2ww. Thank God!!!
I have had a few really good days recently.. considering all. But I do still have my
I just want this to be over... I just want this cycle to have worked... I do have a pretty good feeling that it did... SIGH... We will see...

Please pray for me.. even though I have had good days... doubt and worry creeps in on me too sometimes. And when it does it makes me feel sick. I guess I can thank the sting of Infertility for that.

I'm Praying for you all, and think of you often. I haven't been able to get on the Internet AT ALL since my Last POST. Hope you all can understand now Why I haven't posted or commented lately. I can't wait to get these computer issues FIXED!!! Its just too bad it had to completely mess up on me during this time. It will be OK though Life goes on... and somethings in life we just can not control.

Hope you all are having a Great Weekend.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

OH!! the Torture..

Going Crazy in 2WW Pictures, Images and Photos
AS you know I am now in the 2ww. And now I'm feeling it... All these- WHAT IFS??? good and bad.. Flooding my mind. I guess this is Normal. But it doesn't make it Any Easier. I really don't know what to Expect.. Because I've never been in the 2ww after IVF.

I've Also already been thinking about whether or not I will TEST before my Beta.
The Answer is- I don't know for sure.

On one hand- I would like to know Before hand..if it didn't work. That way I don't get my hopes up waiting for a phone call with someone telling me I'm not pregnant. I know myself... And I would deal with it Better KNOWING before hand if it didn't work.

BUT on the other hand- YES it'll be HARD EITHER WAY!!! And sometimes Test are wrong... False/Positives of False/negatives. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

I'm not crazy I promise I've just got WAY to much time to

If I do Test before hand I will not be Posting about it Until I get my Beta Results. Just a heads up. Its just a personal thing. I guess everyone deals with things differently.

But I well "tell all" sometime after my Beta NO WORRIES;)

I'm no good at this waiting thing. I need God to help me, so that I don't drive my self insane with worry. I need to have a little more Faith!!! I need to Remember that God is still in Control and has a Plan for me.. and He Loves Me!!

Lord Please help me during this difficult time.
In Jesus Name I ask and Pray.

Praying for you all as well.


Praying for Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good News...

Today.. I was anxiously awaiting the phone call to tell me- IF ANY of Our Embryo's made it to Blast. I was almost making myself sick waiting for that phone call. I just needed to "Know" one way or the other. I don't like waiting. (who does Right??LOL)

Anyway like my Title of this POST says.. Its *GOOD NEWS*... 3 of our Embryo's made it to BLAST!!! YAY!!! The Embryologist wanted to "Confirm" IF we wanted to Freeze them or not. Of Course My Answer was- YES!!!:) She said- that they all were Good Looking Blast. SO that of course made me Very Happy.

I also feel good Because- out of the 6 Embryo's that Fertilized Right after our Retrieval.. All of them made it... But one. The Best "2" were transferred on Monday/3 day Transfer, and 2 days later "3".. of the 4 that were left made it to BLAST. My guess is- that the one embryo that was grading a little lower was the one that didn't make it. A little sad... But It wasn't meant to be.

This Gives me MUCH HOPE that the 2 they Transferred are Thriving as well:)

SO this news today gave me MUCH RELIEF!!! Now I don't have to wait and wonder... I have 2 little ones in my tummy.. Hopefully growing and getting ready to Implant:) And 3 little Snow babies. NOW I can sleep a little easier.

The Progesterone makes me sleepy...ALLOT. So I've definitely been sleeping more than normal.. I'll start the Patches tomorrow.. so that will be something new for me.

The shots are going great... Last night I hardly felt the needle AT ALL. I guess moms nursing skills are coming in handy;)

Have a great night.

Please keep us in your prayers during this time.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sorry that this Pic is a little Crooked. I took it in the Car on our way home after our Transfer. I was attempting to take a Pic of one that they had given

We Transferred 2 Beautiful..Grade 4... 8 Cell Embryo's:) WE are just so Happy Right Now!!! It is a "Huge Deal" that we FINALLY Got this Far, After Going through "2" Back to Back Cancelled IVF Cycles.

If you are new to my blog.. We got Canceled Both times due to me not Responding enough to the Meds and only having 1 or 2 large follies each time at the end. And you need more Big Follies than that to do an IVF Retrieval of course.

BUT the Great thing is..That We didn't Give up!!!! We kept trying... And it Finally Paid off. WE Now know what Combo Of MEDs. that will work for me. And I also have to say- that I'm also VERY Thankful that there is such a thing as "ICSI". Because with out a Miracle or ICSI, My husbands sperm could NOT Penetrate My Eggs. Just something to think about.

My husband leaves for work again offshore tonight:( I'll Miss him for sure.. Especially during this 2ww. But at the same time I'm SO Glad it worked out that he was home for my Retrieval and the Transfer. And The Transfer Was SUCH a Great Experience. I know I've said it before BUT it Really did go GREAT!!!

SO Now I wait... sigh. And I'm still on moderate Bed Rest. NO worries though... I can Read.. Nap.. Watch TV or movies.. Play Games on the Wii.(nothing that requires standing of course.. just games that I can use a controller while sitting)... and of course I can blog.. of just surf the

And its also good that I live right Across from my mom.. And She's a RN, So she can give me those Lovely Progesterone Shots that I Love..haha Just joking I'm sure NO ONE LOVES THEM!!

I've had more Side Effects from Progesterone than any other of the meds I have took. But all in all I'm doing Great. I hope you all have a Great Week. Please continue to Pray for our little Embies to Grow.. Stick.. and be Healthy of course:)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Transfer DAY:) & Happy ICLW

Just wanted to write a quick post to update you all a bit. My Transfer went GREAT!!!

My Dr. said- it couldn't have went any Better, and that the 2 Embryos that they transferred were Beautiful. He also stated that- They looked so good that they could be in a Magazine.ha! He's too sweet.. I love my Dr:)

Basically before he left he said- this cycle has went "perfect" and we've done all we can do. And now its not up to us.. now we wait.

"AHHH... the dreaded 2ww!!!"

WE all of course want this to work *This Time*. But if it doesn't.. the next step of course would be to do it again. And one good thing like my Dr. said is that we now know that we can make really good embryos.. So that's definitely a Plus:)

As far as my other Embryo's go.. David/Guy that works with Embryos...Said they would let us know how they are doing in a few days, and if any of them make it to Blast. And of course we'll freeze any that make it.

Well I'm gonna get off of here and take it Easy.. I will Post some Pics of my 2 Little Embryo's tomorrow:)


Ps. Happy ICLW to you all!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Embryo report #2

Well I got a call about an hour ago and...................................................
She said- that "5" of the 6 Embryos are Grading at a *5*, and that THEY LOOKED VERY GOOD:) She did Fail to even mention however the "6th Embryo" and how it was doing... she was about to get off the phone with me... so I Asked her. I just think that is Retarded that I had to- Ask her- what about the other one??

Anyway She said- that it is Grading at a "3" and that there is a few fragments in it. SO not the Worst...But not the Best either from what I can tell.

I'm sure many clinics grade embryos different (1-5 with 1 being the best or worst, or A-d,e EX).. But I think I remember in our Embryo class that a Grade 1 was the worst... and a grade 5 or 6 was the Best. Not sure how high they grade them though. HA!

We are Happy once again with today's report. And are Praying for ALL of Our little embryos:)
Especially the grade 3 embryo. I Know that it's unlikely.. But in My heart I wish for them all to be healthy and Make it:) I just can't help But feel that way!!!

Well tomorrow is the Big Transfer DAY!!! YAY!!! I'm pretty sure that we'll get a call sometime that morning before we get there.. updating us on our Embryo's and such. But as of Right Now things look really good.. and we have a scheduled Transfer for 1pm tomorrow. Super Exciting!!!

Please continue to pray for our family and our 6 little embryo's:)

Thank you all for being so good to me.. you have No Idea how much it means to me!!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Progesterone Shot #2

I am very happy to report that I just received my 2nd Progesterone Shot!!! My husband did it with no help. And he did a Great job!!!:) I feel so much relief now. Yes I was nervous... and YES I do feel a difference in the Bigger needle going in. SO far the meds being pushed in hasn't hurt. And so far I've found that it does really help me to massage the shot area afterwards. It helps it to not knot up as much under my skin. So that is all good!!!

I feel like we've conquered something New Feels good:) Its still scary But we did it and it went great!!!

Just had to share this with you. It was a big deal to us!!! And I'm super proud of my Hubby!!!

Now we're gonna play some Mario-Kart on our Wii. That thing is so Much fun!!! We just bought the Wii a few days ago and we love it!!! It is as much fun as everyone says it is. I think I might buy that Wii Fitness thing.. Every one seems to say good things about it.

have a good night, Love y'all!!


The Report is IN....

Hello all, I just got a phone call from the Embryologist. And Out of the 8 Eggs that they did ICSI with. WE have *6* that have Fertilized:) YAY!!! WE are very Happy to hear this!!!

Its hard to wrap our heads around that... as of "RIGHT NOW" we have *6 little Myhre Babies* Growing and trying to survive!!! (And YES we do believe that conception starts... when the Egg and the Sperm meet & Fertilize)

We know that this is still early in the process & that lots of things can happen in just a few days. But we're keeping the Faith and putting our trust in GOD. And that's the Best thing anyone can do:) NO matter what the out come maybe... even if some or all of our little babies don't make it. They well still be our babies. And we will miss them.

We Love them All.. already.

Our Transfer is Scheduled for- Monday at 1:00pm. YAY!!! I still almost can't believe we are here right now... after what we have gone through in the past. The BEST advise I can give anyone going through something hard- is to Put your trust in God & Never Give Up!!! I'm not saying its Easy all the time.. But it truly is the Best thing you can do. And it truly helps the Most!!!

The Progesterone Injection did not go well... I was SO mad at my Hubby last night.. he wigged out on me when he saw the LONG Needle then finally when he did stick me.. I flinched because it hurt and felt like he was sticking me in the Lower Back.. Not my hip... He pulled it out. I was bleeding... then he had almost no self confidence about it. And my mama was "not home". (she's a RN)SO I had to call her up. I didn't want too because she was out with a Guy. I didn't want to bother her.. And yes she has recently started dating again:) We are all happy for her!!! She is living her life and moving forward!!! SO after a BIG CRAZY NIGHT with me yelling like a mad woman at my husband about tons of things. My dear sweet mama came in at 11pm and gave me my SHOT!!! She tried to show him where to give it to me and wanted him to do it. BUT he insisted he wanted to watch her do it the 1st time. I can understand this BUT I was so MAD.. Because I needed him to be there for me. I needed that shot!!! And he was causing me stress I didn't need. If you can understand that.

All is well this morning we are over that. I do understand WHY he was Nervous.. But at the same time felt that he should have been prepared to do this for me last night. After all I'm afraid of needles.. and its no good when the person giving you the shot don't have much confidence in them selves about it at that moment. LOL

He'll do good I'm sure. I have a little round band-aid over the shot from last night. SO he can use that as a example to Gage where to stick me from that:) WE CAN DO IT!!!

Thank you all for your Prayers!!!! Please continue to pray for our little Babies to Grow and be healthy. And for us while were in this waiting process.

Love y'all!!!
Have a Great week end!!!


Ps. almost forgot. I am feeling Much better this morning there is hardly no Pain at all. I haven't even need to take my pain meds today!!! Praise God for that!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

An Eventful day...

Today I woke up at 2am to start getting ready. We left the house about 4am and was on our way. We Signed in at 5:30am and then everything went fairly smooth. The Nurse didn't hurt me too bad when she started the IV:) Later on they told me they were going to give me something to RELAX ME. And then pursued to wheel me off to the surgery Room. When there they of course made me move over to the operating table/bed. When that was done... ALL I can remember is Screaming from a Horrible PAIN that just shot through my hand. LOL It was the Anesthesia BUT I don't remember her warning me. And I just wasn't expecting that. I have had anesthesia Twice before, and that has never happened to me. LOL Anyway I lived and don't remember what happened after that.

Upon wakening... I remember feeling irritated. Maybe at the nurse for waking me from such at deep sleep?? Who Knows?? The very next feeling was PAIN!!! I was NOT Expecting that at all, maybe a little soreness BUT NOT BAD PAIN!!! I felt like I had to pee and she informed me that I shouldn't have to go.. because they had put a catheter and the had just drained "how ever much". She said that the catheter makes people feel like that. BUT I still wound up trying to pee twice before I left.. with not much luck.

On to the pain issue I told her more than once that I was hurting. she said to drink something and then if I was still hurting that I could take something for the pain. When my husband came back to see me.... I had.. had ENOUGH of the PAIN I was ready to through my Cup of Ice on the floor towards the Nurses so they would Pay Attention and help me!!!LOL Anyway I asked my Husband to please tell her I need something for the pain. HE did and she came and told me that I could take a Tylenol 3. I then made sure I asked for some crackers because if I didn't eat something first I would have been in even more pain from throwing up. IT took FOR EVER for the medication to work. But when it did I finally had some Relief.

I didn't see my Dr. after my retrieval BUT my Husband did and he said that they retrieved about 12 or 13 eggs. But only 9 were Bigger. THAT IS GREAT though because we reached our limit of 8 eggs:) And and the Dr. said that the smaller ones could grow some more over night. BUT Regardless of what ever happens we still have a LIMIT of fertilizing only 8 eggs with ICSI of course. I'll get to know something more tomorrow. I hope my eggies are Fertilizing and then will develop into healthy Embryo's. I know that all different kinds of things can happen in a few days with them, BUT we're praying that all goes well. And just having Faith that everything will work out the way God plans it too. I'll inform ya'll more tomorrow when I know something more.

NOW.. my day was far from OVER on our way home I get a call from my mama telling me that I need to come to the "court house" Because I needed to be there today and she didn't know it before. I was feeling sore, but much better so I came. And I would have came anyway in Fact because this was IMPORTANT. Remember My Daddy died in a horrible Accident off the Coast on Nigeria Africa last yr?? Well we finally have finished dealing with his company. I was not dressed to go to court. I was wearing comfortable cute exercise BUT my presence was needed. I even had to be sworn in & got questioned in the witness stand.HA! The lawyer and the judge could tell I was in allot of Pain I think... so after everything was over and the Judge Approved Everything. I had to sign Papers.. SO he let me sign them first, and said I could go. That was very nice of him. I AM JUST SO Glad that all this is over with dealing with that company. This has been going on for almost a yr now. Which is normal considering what happened. But now we all can move on from that because its DONE. OVER WITH!! Yay!!! I'm mostly happy for my mama because she doesn't need to have to deal with that anymore. And Everything is great concerning how this turned out in the end. We would take my Daddy back in a second if we could, But we can't. It amazing... we were always taken care of while my daddy was alive. And now even in the event of his death my Family is taken care. That's the way he would've wanted it. I just know it, that was what was MOST Important to him.... His Family. But most of ALL.... "God has always looks out for my family and taken care of us. And He GETS ALL THE CREDIT!!! HONOR and PRAISE!!!"

Just wanted to leave ya'll with I scripture that I've always Loved... that I seen on a church sign this morning on my way to the clinic.

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Retrieval" here I COME:)

Finally... WE are about to get do a IVF Retrieval. After 2 canceled IVF cycles. I triggered tonight at 8:30 pm. And I've got to come in tomorrow for Blood work to see if the Ovidrel Shot worked. Hopefully all will look good with my blood work. I do of course have 1 more Ovidrel shot IF they say I need it. Its like a back up shot for- JUST IN CASE.

We are thrilled of course to Finally be able to move forward, and take one more step in our IVF Journey. And I am also happy that we now know what combo of Meds I need to take to get me to respond. SO that way if we need to do this again in the future. We'll know what works and what doesn't. But hopefully we won't need to:)

My family members that know about our doing IVF are also Thrilled and very excited and hoping for the best. Their a Great support symptom.. I feel very Blessed to have them in my life.

I'm actually not too nervous right now. I'm trying to remain calm and take one day at a time. I have no control over how this will turn out, God is in control and I have to trust in Him through it all.. the Good and the Bad. And just have Faith. We know that he Loves us and has a wonderful Plan for us. I'm praying that He gives us comfort through out this whole process. Because I KNOW that we'll need it!!!

Well Ladies I'm gonna turn in for tonight... Its late and I have had to get up early every day this week to go the clinic, and gotta do all over again BOTH tomorrow and Friday morning.

Have a blessed day


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update- 4th & 5th Follie checks

My 4 th follie check was yesterday. I wanted to Post and update y'all, but my Internet was messing up and acting weird so I finally gave it up. In Fact it's trying to mess up now... So I'll have to be Quick. BOTH Follie Checks went VERY GOOD!!! And I am now going in Every day for a follie check.. They need to monitor me very closely. I have plenty of good size follies on the Right Ovary some are measuring at 15, 16, 17, 19 and On my left I have 1 larger 1 measuring at 20. BUT that's it as far as the left side Goes.. the next biggest on on the left is only at 12 or 13 I think. Regardless I should have plenty. I don't need or want too many!!! My Nurse called and said that we are probably looking at doing a Retrieval this Friday or Saturday!! YAY!!

I let y'all know how it goes tomorrow!!!

Have a Great DAy!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

3rd Follie Check

This morning I got up very early before day light to start getting ready for my appt. When we got there it was not busy at all, Everything went super fast:) I was surprised again to see my Dr. walk in with a nurse Right before my Scan. AND we looked at my Lining.. and He said it looked Beautiful. Then He asked her to look at my Ovaries.. and we all could see that yes My Follies were Growing!!! He then tells Me that-I have just made his day:) And that we well definitely get to Retrieval this time!!! YAY!!! My Largest follies are measuring at 12 & 13 and they all seem to be growing steadily. SO My Largest Follies were Measuring at 9 & 10 two days ago. SO they are indeed growing this time. My Dr. also told me that I'm respond WAY BETTER than I ever have with my Blood work.

My Instructions are to keep doing 2 Bravelle and 2 Menopur every day. And add in a Cetrotide 25mg Shot tomorrow night. And then do Another one Monday morning and Come in for my 4th follie scan at 10am.

We're excited.. things are looking much better than before. Keep praying for us.. I know all to well that things can still go wrong at any moment. But Were hoping that everything goes perfect:) And asking God to help us along the way!!! We need it!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

2nd Follie Check

Hello all I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I had my 2nd follie scan this cycle done. I was happy because Randy/My husband was home from work so he got to go with me:) It went really quick thankfully the clinic wasn't to Busy.

The Lady doing my ultra sound said- that my Lining Looked Pretty. And I think she said it's measuring at 9 or 10 now.

My 2 largest follies are measuring at 10. 1 on the left and 1 on the right measuring at 1o. ALL The rest were not far behind measuring at 9. SO it wasn't bad.

My 1st follie scan... "which was only 2 days before the last one I had" they were all measuring at 7. SO they have been growing which is good.

My Instructions are to keep doing what I have been doing. 2 Bravelle in the Am & 2 Menopur at Pm. And My next Follie Check is Sat./ Tomorrow Morning @ 9am. And Hopefully We'll see some more Growth again. I do have to say that... YES I am a little sceptical IF I will keep seeing Follie Growth Because of my Past 2 canceled IVF cycles. (DUE to me not responding enough to the Meds.) It would not shock me to come in for a follie Check, and see hardly nothing change. Because it has happened that way several times during those 2 past Cycles.

WE are hopeful that everything will continue to look good though. WE hope for the best IN FACT:) We just have to Put this in Gods hands 1st, and 2nd Comfort and Love each other when each of us needs it. 3rd just keep moving Forward and continue to do our part in this process. I believe that these are the best things we can do for ourselves concerning our situation.
And yes through it all... We know that God does have a Plan for us. And that gives me HOPE:)

Now I know I may seem to all you bloggers out there that I'm "miss Positive" most of the time. WELL I have to inform you that I'm not. I CAN and DO get SO UPSET, Frustrated, and Angry Sometimes. A few days ago was one of "those days". I had got SO UPSET.. That in that moment I got Angry At GOD.. And Stated that- HE DOES NOT CARE!!! I knew better Even as the Horrible words flew out my mouth. I felt convicted over it Immediately. I was SO VERY WRONG and I know it with all my heart. I don't want to get into details of what made me get to that Point. I haven't got that bad in quite a long time. My POINT IS THAT.. I'm am Not Perfect and that God Loves me anyway. And HE is a Loving and Forgiving God. And GUESS WHAT?? HE UNDERSTANDS the way I felt at that moment more than Anyone Else. Today I just feel at
Peace.. I have a since of Peace in my heart and have a feeling that YES Everything WILL BE OK!!! No it won't always be easy and YES sometimes it will be SO Hard. BUT He's here with me through it all. He is my "Heavenly Father" and I feel His Abundant LOVE for me so strong.

Please continue to pray for us. I'm praying for all you out there. I want happiness for Every one of you!!

Have a Great weekend!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st follie check

SO today I went to the clinic for my- 1st follie check "this cycle". Everything went pretty good. My lining is thickening up.. Its measuring at 8 now. I of course have lots of follies. My Largest ones on both left and right ovaries are measuring at 7 right now. and I think they are about 5 of them that are measuring at 7.

Anyway... My Insturtions are to take- 2 Menopur tonight

Tomorrow- 2 Bravelle @ Am & 2 Menopur @ PM

Thursday- 2 Bravelle @ Am Then come in for a 2nd follie scan at 9:45am

So that's about it for now I guess. I'm gonna to try to relax tonight, curl up in my very comfy bed and read a book. Oh and I'm super Excited that my Hubby is coming home from work tomorrow from off shore. He's excited and ready to come home too of course;) Absence does make the heart grow fonder!!!

Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

2nd Baseline..

IVF Pictures, Images and Photos
Today was my 2nd Baseline Appt. And my Clinic was Packed out due to a 3 day week end. Its "Labor day" this Monday, Hence the 3 day Anyway Everything went good. They stole more blood from me, and shortly afterward we did the ultra sound scan. My Lining was nice and thin, it was measuring at 3. And I have Lots of little Follies as WE just need them to kick into Gear and Grow ALLOT MORE this time!!!

I got a call form my nurse about an hour ago with my instructions.

They are to take 2 vials of Bravelle, and 2 Vials of Menopur TONIGHT.

And then SAT.-MON. I'm to do 2 vials of Bravelle in the AM & 2 vials of Menopur at PM

Tuesday I'm to do 1 vial of Bravelle and then come in For Follie Check #1

SO I get to start simming TONIGHT!!! YAY!!! COME ON FOLLIES YOU CAN DO IT!!! I KNOW YOU CAN!!!
Grow Follies Grow Pictures, Images and Photos

Please keep us in your prayers this cycle.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
IVF baby Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 1/2 yrs

Unfortunately We Have hit another "Half yr mark" with TTC. We've now Officially been trying for 2 1/2 years. Am I the only one out there who REALLY NOTICES those half a yr and yr MARKS while TTC?? I don't know, But I doubt that I am the only one. lol

Its like realization.. We have been trying this long with no results.. And the past is the past, we can not get it back. And at the same time you wish things could have worked out differently. But we are still going strong and NOT Going to give up!!!

Allot of feelings are all tied into these TTC marks of how long we've been trying. And that's normal I guess. I decided to post my TTC time line ticker. Since it seems fitting and all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our New Plan...

Praying for an IVF Miracle Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello all, I've had a pretty good day today spending time with my mama, and lil bro. (He's 9 yrs old and a mess) We all love him to death!!! he just so cute:)

Anyway this afternoon I got an unexpected phone call from my IVF Nurse. She said that they had just got out of a meeting about me, and my IVF cycle. She wanted to know HOW MUCH "Menopur" I Have Because this time they're gonna start me off doing the Bravelle and Menopur in the beginning. The PAST 2 Canceled IVF's we did just the Bravelle for a while then added in the Menopur.

So she just wanted to know how much Menopur I have because She knows that I run out of meds allot. She called me in another Box/5 vials. I hope it'll be enough.. who knows??lol

I'm just Glad that their gonna try something a little different this time:) I hope it makes a difference... and I actually respond enough this time around!!! And hopefully we'll have a successful IVF and get our 1st ever BFP:) Gotta have hope Right. We're Just Praying and trusting in God that everything will be ok either way this cycle works out.

My next appt. is Friday. I can't wait to get this ball rolling again. I am still waiting for AF to arrive. In my past IVF cycles after I took my last birth control Pill it took me 3 to 4 days to start. Nerve wracking..sigh. I guess when doing IVF you just want everything to line up perfectly the way it It worked out Good the past 2 times with my lining and AF. BUT I guess I still worry a little... at least until they tell me everything looks

One more week and my Hubby will come home from work/offshore/oil rig. I miss him and can not wait for him to come home. And give me my shots!LOL seriously I like that I'm able now to trust him with sticking me needles. He's gotten very good at it. You know one thing that I can say about going through IVF is that my husband and I have grown even closer during the process. So its been a good thing in a way. Were learning how to face some of the hardest things together. And are here to lift each other up and encourage each other along the way. And have Faith that Everything will work out the way it is meant to, in Gods Perfect timing:) (NOT that it isn't hard at times)

Well I'll update yall on Friday... Please Pray that everything goes perfect!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Baseline

This morning I woke up early and got ready to head to the Clinic. All Went well.. NO CYST!! Yea!! I just got a call from my nurse she said that everything looked good,and to go ahead and take a "Cetrotide 3mg Shot" tomorrow. My 2nd Baseline is this Friday. And if all looks good then... I should start stimming that night.

I know this process very well I guess, since I did do 2 back to back IVF's. I saw my DR. standing in the hall way at the clinic today. And He said/stated- that we were gonna do it this time. And I said- I hope so:) Then he said- I'm Just Astounded that your Ovaries are SO STUBBORN.

LOL I do understand that... I mean they have pumped me with meds Every time we attempt IVF. I really DO have stubborn ovaries. And its even more odd that I am this young(just turned 22 in July) and my ovaries are so stubborn. My body just wants to be complicated I guess. Hopefully All Goes Perfect this time. I don't know what the out come will be one way or the other. I'm just gonna try to stay as positive as I can. And try NOT to Turn into A crazy "mad woman" when I have Mood swings this go around. MY POUR FAMILY!!! is all I can say.. I've chewed a few of them out for no good reason... during the IVF process. Crazy things can make me mad or sad when I'm taking these meds. It makes me feel bad!!! I'm gonna try to control myself more this time though. We'll see how that works At least my family does understand though.

Well.. I'll update ya'll about my appt. on Friday:)
have a great week!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update on us... it's almost time for IVF attempt #3

Can you believe its time for us to start this whole thing up again?! This Monday I'll go in for my Baseline appt. My meds arrived yesterday, and that is good. those of you who regularly read this Blog know that I have/still have major problems with the Pharmacy we use most of the time...UGH!!!

I am hoping that I don't run out of meds this time..BUT you never know with me.. I tend to run out of meds a few times each cycle so far. I just hope that isn't the case this time. I can honestly say THAT has got me more stressed than anything else concerning doing IVF so

OK... Now I have some *NEWS* for you all....

WE have OFFICIALLY Decided that we want to ADOPT!!! We have been doing allot of talking, thinking, and Praying. And Our Hearts are completely open to Adoption!!! We want to start the adoption process sometime in 2010!!! So EVEN if we do get pregnant sometime in the near future..WE STILL want to start the adoption process sometime in 2010 before 2011. YES.. I/WE are Very Serious!!!

We BOTH Feel very strongly about this.

And like I have said a few other times... We Will Love our adoptive Children.. just as much as biological ones. WE BOTH have NEVER been against adoption. In Fact even before we we're married we both said that we would like to adopt one day.

Either way.. whether we have BOTH Adoptive & Biological Children.. Or just Adopted Children
WE'RE HAPPY with either. GOD has a Plan for our family. And His Plan is the BEST!!! We're Putting our trust in him to help us along the way:)

WE have started a New BLOG to document...OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY!!!

IT's Called- ~*The Myhre Family*~
Our Journey to Adoption

here's a link if your Interested

If you're wondering How Long we will continue fertility treatments.. My answer is Most likely NO Longer than Next Summer. I mean this March we will have been ttc for 3yrs. I know that the First 2 yrs almost didn't count as trying for US Because we Have Some serious Male Factor issues and our Best chance at conceiving is A Miracle Or IVF with ICSI. WE Just started treatment for the 1st time ever in May 2009.. And did back to back IVF's which both got canceled.. Then I scheduled another IVF Back to back after the 2nd IVF got cancelled.. Which is where we are now about to start our 3rd Attempt At IVF/ICSI. SO in fact so FAR we've only been doing fertility treatments for 4 months.. not that long.. BUT I have my limits and will only take this SO FAR. And then LET GO of all treatments and not look back When we feel we have gave it our all. And Even if We are not able to get pregnant while doing treatments and choose to stop treatments. We will not be giving up on having children. We'll Still have children either way and know that it is GOD'S WILL either way it works out:) And we'll be Truly Happy with God's Will.. He knows what is BEST!!!

I want to leave you with my favorite Scripture

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3rd IVF/ICSI "Attempt"

Hello all hope you are doing well. As for me I'm doing pretty good considering all that I've been AF showed up Yesterday... That was not a surprise.. Because like I have explained before.. We are not really candidates for IUI. WE NEED IVF with ICSI or quite simply.. a Miracle!!!

I called my IVF Nurse.. And said- I wanted to Cancel my pregnancy test on Thursday... Yep I didn't make it to my beta test last time either after the IUI. BUT I rather have it that way if I'm not pregnant. I don't want someone calling me, and telling me I'm not pregnant you know?? it's just easier that way for me:) Maybe the progesterone suppositories just don't work well for me?? Who Knows?? Well at least I know I'll be doing the Progesterone SHOTS when I do actually make it to IVF retrieval and transfer one day...SIGH.

Well... just like I told y'all before... I did schedule another IVF/ICSI..ASAP!!! My retrieval is scheduled for the week of September 14th. This will be our 3rd "Attempt" at IVF.... SO for we have been "canceled twice" due to me not responding enough to the meds... and not having enough mature follies... ALL I NEED IS 4 mature follies for my DR. to do a retrieval... I'm not asking for much... just 4 to 8 Mature Follies... Oh I make lotz of follies always.. thanks to "PCOS" BUT most of the time they never mature. Thank you messed up HEY.. you got to laugh about it sometimes.. just to keep going AT LEAST.

I don't know what to expect this time around with IVF and all. Will I finally respond enough?? I just don't have the answers and never will. IF I think logically... it seems that YES eventually they'll get my meds right and I'll respond. BUT what if for some crazy reason I don't ever respond enough??? HOW many times am I willing to "ATTEMPT IVF" and then possibly get canceled from not responding??? Well My answer Right now is 6 to 7 times all together... Right now I'm at my 3rd attempt... SO that gives them plenty of time to figure this out.

Now.... "When and If" I DO respond to the meds... I'll do 3 IVF or Frozen transfers.. depending on whether or not I have any to embryos to freeze... seeing how My body so far just don't want to make alot of mature follies. BUT.. We'd do more than 3 frozen transfers depending on if we had any left.. YES we would continue to come back until all were used and got a chance at life. THATS WHY we have a limit of working with only 6 to 8 embryos. And the fact that we're totally against discarding embryos unless their NOT GROWING/DEAD... that's plainly put enough I guess.

My pour husband.... I have good days and bad days. ANd the bad days are not pretty. OH!!! but I can be really mean and have such bad mood swings. I HATE THAT!!! It just makes me feel worse..ugh!! He's wonderful with dealing with all this most of the time though. In fact yesterday He told me that YES he agreed that 6 attempts of IVF would be allot...BUT he'd keep trying as long as I wanted. AND he also said that if for some reason that is not Gods plan for us to have biological children.. That was Fine too... He Said that He Can Love an adoptive Child as his own and no less than a biological one.. and that he thinks we both would be great and Loving adoptive parents. I for one can count myself blessed that I have a husband so accepting of adoption because I've seen allot of cases where the wife felt she could BUT the husband didn't want too or wasn't sure. HE is such a GOOD MAN I TELL YOU!!! I'm SO in LOVE:) SO we both are fine with adoption if we do decided to adopt one day. I have no doubt that we could Love an adoptive child as our own. The only thing that scares me is the PROCESS OF ADOPTION!!! But if you know me well enough by now... you know that I won't give up on something if its my dream;)

YES... I have been doing lots of thinking about the future and decisions... Sorry for the INFO over

I hope you are all doing well... I've seen a few more BFP's:) so huge congrats to all of those out there!!! I'm truly happy for you!!!


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hi there... sorry I've been MIA. I've just been busy with things and dealing with ALLOT of stress lately. Oh and my sisters wedding was beautiful.. WE all had allot of FUN:)

Ok lets see where I left off.. the last time I posted I had just done my 4th follie check.
Since then I have had 3 more Follie Checks.. SO thats "7" follie checks all together. My Dr. wanted to keep pushing me as long as he could and "he did". As I'm sure you have probably guessed by now YES.. My IVF did get cancelled "yesterday" for the 2nd time. I already seen this coming though, and was ready for it when it did happen.. and besides I had ran out of MEDS

The reason I got cancelled is- I only had 1 VERY LARGE Follie this time measuring at 26. The next largest ones were only at 12.. 11.. & 10. My Dr. actually did 1 of my follie checks last week end and he said- He Almost CAN'T Believe that My ovaries are SO SUBORN and I'm THIS YOUNG( I just turned 22 this month). I mean My dr. was pumping me with meds this time.. I counted all the Bravelle I took.. And It WAS *73 Vials of bravelle this cycle* CRAZINESS!!!!

Anyway when the Nurse called yesterday she did say that my Dr. said- I had the *Option* to do IUI if I wanted. I decided to go ahead and do it. It can't Hurt to try. (even though all odds are against me) I still have 1 great size follie... and all I need is 1 good sperm RIGHT? Anyway.. I asked the Nurse how soon could I start another IVF cycle Because more than likely this IUI won't work.. I'm NOT being negative... Only Very Honest. She said- I could as soon as I start my period:) GREAT!!! I told y'all I wasn't playing And I wasn't joking!!!

I went in for my IUI today everything went Great.. there's not much to IUI. The only problem I had with it last time was.. having to Pee so bad that it Hurt terribly and I couldn't wait the total waiting time with my hips in the AIR.. I HAD TO GO!!LOL This time was perfect though. In Fact if My hubby didn't have Such LOW Motility.. We'd have a real good shot at this whole IUI thing working. TOO BAD.. it is.. what it is.. I Guess.

I am happy right now about 1 thing... I need a small break from these needles.. I've been bruising allot more lately from all the shots I've had to take.. and having to get my blood drawn more too. SO Now I'm in the 2ww and NO shots for me.YAY!! only progesterone

And IF this IUI don't work.. I'll start my period and be on BCP's for about 3 weeks.. SO I'll have a about a month before I'd have to start Stimming again. Not much time... But a little time to breath I guess. My Dr. said he wants to start me off at 2 1/2 vials next time. And that My last follie check this past cycle they had seen my biggest response Ever with my *blood work* and that..that was good. Whatever they say I guess. I'm trying my Best to make the best of.. My situation. I don't feel like ranting at the moment. BUT I can't promise that in the future I won't. I have my moments just like the rest of you out there. lol

SO this is where I am now... I don't have much else to say at this time. Sorry I've been a sucky blogger lately. I care about you all and think about you every day. Your all... one thing that makes me feel *less alone* in this battle of infertility. I just wanted you to know that:)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

4th Follie Check...

ARE you Ready to hear? Well, my appointment was this morning at 9:00am. And of course those Vampires took some more blood from After that I went back to the waiting area to wait until they called me back for my Ultra Sound. We waited for about 40 minutes. Man they were busy today. I've only waited that long 1 other time. Ok.. moving on from that. They called me back.. and...................

The Nurse said- I have 1 follie that is at 15... and at 11... at 9... at 8... Ex.

She said- My lining looked really good

And She said- I did have some growth going on... BUT we'd have to wait until my blood work came back before they know for sure What we were going to do. (remember last time I went in my Estrogen was way too low)

Before I left the clinic I got a nurse to call me in a BUNCH of "Bravelle" because IF my Dr. wanted to keep trying... I would run out of meds. Tomorrow. SO I would need to order them today or I wouldn't have any.

She asked me how much Bravelle I wanted?

I said- my dose is 4 1/2 vials right now... and that's almost a box a day. And then I let her know that I wanted "Plenty" even if it was More Than Enough... I much rather have WAY too MUCH.. than too

I know I sound crazy BUT hey... its no Fun running out of MEDS.. I Promise!!!

Ok.. so I know your wondering what they said when they called today.... My Dr. Says that He wants me to continue to do 4 1/2 vials a day of Bravelle, that My blood work Looked GREAT!! And that I am Responding now. My Estrogen is rising.. and something else is too.. I don't remember exactly it is.. I just know it has to do with my blood work.. And to be honest I don't ever have a clue about that.. I just know that they said it was good! OH ya.. and I actually get to add in a New Injection every day. 1 Cetrotide .25mg shot every morning!!! WOW.. I'm actually moving a step forward in this process compared to last time:)

I'm Hoping that that everything continues to go well, and that I will keep responding to these meds. I'm not greedy.. all I ask is for.. Enough Mature Follies to have a Retrieval.. All I need is 4. I would like a few more than that.. but HEY I'm ok with 4. I had a set limit of only using 6 last time anyway. So you see my point.

Anyway, all hope for this cycle is not lost YET:) And that is great to know... I really hope that it does work out Perfectly.. but if it doesn't... I'm still going to jump right back into IVF I'm not playing around am I?? I just know what I want.. and I'm willing to do what it takes to get it:)
And if that means trying again.. so be it. It will never happen if I give up.

Oh and I got my meds ordered.YAY!!! and they'll get here tomorrow.. 30 more vials of Bravelle.

My next Follie Check is this Saturday at 8 am. OH and after that I'm headed strait for the Coast.. My Lil Sis.. is getting married that night on the beach, and I happen to be her maid of Honor & my hubby is a grooms man too. The drive isn't that long though from the Clinic.. at most 1 1/2 hours. SO I'll be busy this week end. AND "white".. because I'm not suppose to get into the tanning bed.."just Great".. I don't want to think about

You know it'll be nice when my life slows down at bit. My family has been so busy lately with one thing or another.

Praying for my follies to Grow.. and thinking about you all!!!


Grow Follies Grow!!!! You Can DO IT!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3rd Follie Check....

Hi Everyone, sorry for not posting sooner. I'm just dealing with allot right now. I hope you all can understand.

Ok here goes..

3rd Follie Check (Monday)- My lining was good... BUT I only had a little Growth... my largest follies were measuring at 11. That's very little from the my largest Follies measuring at 10 last Friday:(

A Nurse called me with my Instructions later that day... And my Dr. Upped My Dose of Bravelle to 4 1/2 vials... No surprise there.. And the Nurse also said that my Estrogen was too low. Just lovely!!! UGH!!

4th Follie check is Tomorrow/ Thursday

SO here I am today.. I ran out of Bravelle.. Don't worry though because I had enough for yesterdays Dose and I called Caremark and my meds. are on there way here today:) The down side is.. they only called me in enough meds for today and tomorrow. If I go in tomorrow and my Dr. still wants me to stem a Little longer.. I'll run out of meds the next day/Friday. SO that means I'll have to call and get more meds filled at the last minute... MAN this sure is getting old!!!!

That's about it... And here I am just like last time... Faced with the possibility of getting canceled AGAIN. I have many feeling on this.. as I'm sure you can here's just a few.. sorry.

This just isn't Fair!! (although it never is with Infertility.. is it?)
How much more of this can I take??
When will this whole thing work out.. When will it be our turn??

I also have allot of frustration... I'm frustrated with my body for not being normal. Thank you PCOS!!lol This cycle could still work out, BUT put quite simply.. I DON'T KNOW?? If it doesn't work out and I do get canceled... I will Definitely Jump right Back into IVF and try again ASAP!!! That decision is made already if it comes to that. My husband and I agree on this... In fact my Family(the ones that know) Completely agree and support us also.

I haven't gave up on this cycle. I'm just a planner.. I like to always have a *back up plan*, it makes me feel more control of things I I'm doing good today... I'm trying to stay positive.. I do have my ups and downs though. But I just have to keep going and Never Give Up:)

Thankfully I was Warned in the beginning of my last IVF that this might happen to me... Because patients with *PCOS* often don't respond enough to the meds.. But at the same time their easy to hyper stimulate.. so they have to be very careful. It's like a delicate balancing act in between the two. I was warned that it may take a *few tries* before they figure out exactly what Meds. and Doses will work for me. SO there you have it. I'm not in total shock:) And like my Mom told me yesterday.. I just started treatment for the 1st time EVER only a few months ago.. and Every time it doesn't work.. My Dr. learns more about my body.. and She also says.. that their trying to be careful at the same time.. so they don't over do it. All true.. I didn't want to hear it In fact I told her But she IS Right, and we both know that "I know" She
I Love my mama.. she is the best and way too good to me:)

And at the end of the day and if I truly look at my life.. I have to say that I am very blessed. And I know deep down that God has a plan for Me and my Husband. Do I understand it.. NO! I'd be lying if I said I did. We just have to choose to trust Him because he knows everything.. and I do truly believe that everything will work out perfectly.. when the time is Right:)

Sorry for the long post.. I just needed to get all my feelings out there I guess.

I'm praying that my follies are doing some major growing, and that if that's not *Gods will* that He'll give me the strength to deal with it.

I hope that you all are doing well... I think of you often.


Friday, July 17, 2009

1st & 2nd Follie check...

Praying for an IVF Miracle Pictures, Images and Photos
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been very busy lately. I turned 22 yrs old on July 15th. It was a really good day, my husband came home from work that day.. so I was Happy about that:) But I was a little upset that I am another year older, and have still Never been pregnant or had a baby.. I know I'm young.. so No comments on my AGE please. The good part I guess of me being so young is.. knowing that me and my husband both have fertility problems... And knowing what to do about them. It would have been even worse for me if we had waited to start trying.. and then I would have been older when I started the whole process of TTC and then even later with finding out our problems. SO I guess theres my bright

Ok ladies.. here's my Update on my Follie Checks....

1st Follie Check- (Monday) My lining looked good.. and my largest follies was at 7..

Dr. k upped my dose of Bravelle to 2 1/2 vials

2nd Follie Check- (Today/Friday) My lining looked good again and its getting a little thicker...and my largest follies were 10.

My nurse said that I am responding this time to the meds. and that so far things look good.

Dr. k upped my dose of Bravelle to 3 1/2 vials

My next Follie Check is on Monday!!!

I'm hoping and praying that everything goes perfect this time. I dread the thought of being Canceled again. I am having more side effects this time though... which I think is good because last time the one day I had more side effects from the meds.. that's when I had my biggest follie growth.. And today the side effects have kicked in... I am SO HOT all the time... 1st I thought is was in my head.. but NO its not!!! when your in your house and the AC is set at 69

Also having "Twinges* which is really good for me because that's a sign for me that something is happening inside there. And I'm having a little nausea here and there.. not too bad though. Oh and lets not forget my Mood Swings... These meds tend to make me a little crazy. I also have a bit of a Temper already With Out meds... my Husband doesn't call me a *Fire Cracker* for I'm nice and sweet most of the time, but no one messes with me... I do have a short Fuse if you cross a line. Bet y'all didn't know that about I better just stop talking for tonight. I'm just telling y'all everything. I guess this blog is my one outlet though. SO please bear with me..

Hope you all have a great week end!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

July cycle- 2nd Baseline....

IVF Pictures, Images and Photos

Today I woke up early to get ready for my 2nd Baseline. I was very happy this morning when I found that AF had finally (Ya I know so weird that when your doing IVF you want Af to show up at certain times)

When I got to the Clinic everything went pretty quick... They stole some more blood from and then shortly after that.. I was called back for my ultra sound... And everything looked good.. My lining was nice and thin.. and my ovaries looked good too.. I think my 2 largest follies was at 4 & 5... Small but I haven't started stimming YET..

I got a call around 1:30pm from my nurse and my instructions are to take 2 vials of Bravelle every night.. "tonight-Monday night" . And My 1st follie check is schedule for Tuesday!! I'm really hoping I see a difference in my follies in where I was last time..Compared to this time:)
Last time I started off with only 1 vial of Bravelle a day. So this time I'm starting off with double what I did last time.

Me and my hubby are praying allot and hoping that this cycle is it for us:)
I'm hoping that with this cycle I'm less stressed than last time.. Only God can help me with that though.. I seem to to worry about everything and stress way too much at times... and like my hubby says- its not good for me and its not good for when we're trying to get pregnant either.
I plan on trying to do my best with Gods help of course... and to have Faith and keep a good attitude through everything no matter what:)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July cycle- 1st Baseline

Yesterday was my 1st Baseline.. I waited in the waiting area much longer than what I normally do most of the time. I later found out it was because they were very Busy because their 4th of July... 3 day week end.

Good News.. NO Cysts!!! Whoo hoo!!

My lining is pretty thick... But the nurse said it should be Fine... Because I took my last BCP yesterday and should start my period soon... And when I do start... My Lining should thin out:)

On the way home from my baseline I got a call from a Nurse tell me that my Dr. said to GO ahead and take my Cetrotide 3mg shot. (one time Injection) My mama gave me the shot as soon as we got home. And it Burnt really bad just like last At least this time I was expecting it...HA!

*Cetrotide*- this drug prevents premature ovulation

A little more INFO...
My Dr. has kept me on the Same Protocol as last time- *Cetrotide Protocol*
This time with more Meds... Last IVF Cycle my Dr. called me in 15 vials of Bravelle/FSH to start off with.. it was NOT Enough I Ran out Several TIMES.
This time I have 35 vials of Bravelle... SO Hopefully I won't run out this time:)
He'll up my doses of bravelle this time because he found out from my last cycle that My Ovaries are "Stubborn"

Just want to End this Post with saying that Me and my Husband are BOTH Very Excited about starting this IVF cycle... And our hopes are high that this will work. God is with us through whatever we go through on our Journey and he will help us along our way:)